How to choose the best car insurance step by step

Choose the correct car insurance at a good price

One of the most important monthly or annual expenses that we all face is the mandatory insurance of our car. On many occasions it is very difficult to face car insurance since it represents a large percentage of our salary, that is why knowing how to choose a good car insurance, see what the insurance includes and compare the different prices of car insurance that different insurers offer us is vital.

As you well know, in The How of Things we want to make your life a little easier and more comfortable, so today we are going to see some factors that will help us choose the correct car insurance at a good price.

The first step when it comes to getting the perfect car insurance for us is to decide whether we want third party insurance or full risk insurance. The key could be that if our car is just bought or has very little time, the best thing will be to opt for a comprehensive insurance, while if our car is 3 or more years old, an extended or complete third party insurance is the best of our options. 

The second point to take into account when hiring car insurance is to look closely at the coverage of each insurance. It is not a good option to base ourselves only on the current offer, try to see if the insurance offers us compensation in case of death or disability, as well as compensation in case of theft of the vehicle or total loss. Another aspect to look at when hiring our next car insurance is if it offers us travel assistance and from what mileage.

If we finally decide on a comprehensive insurance we will have to decide if we want it with a franchise or without it. The comprehensive insurance option with excess offers us a lower insurance price and we will only pay the excess if you are at fault or in the event that there is no other party to blame for the accident.

It is essential to check the quality-price ratio of the insurance that we are going to hire. A lower premium price is directly proportional to a reduction in coverage. It is also essential to look carefully at the price that we are going to pay for the insurance for its normally annual renewals.

When deciding whether to stay with the same insurance company that we already are, we must analyze if we have a reduction in the price of insurance for not having caused accidents or losses in recent years.

The opposite may also be the case, that we have been the culprits of an accident in recent years and our current insurance includes a considerable increase in the renewal of our insurance.

Take your time to read and understand the conditions of the insurance company if you have a loss, which is included in the insurance beating they offer us. Also see if once an accident has happened you can choose the workshop where you can repair your vehicle, what will be the waiting time for an expert to quote the damage to your car and how long it must take to collect the corresponding compensation.

Before going to the office of an insurance broker, take some time to consult the different prices and coverage in different companies. For this, it is super useful to use one of the online insurance comparators.