How to wear the latest trends in Shoes and Accessories Fall Winter 2021/2022

19 Accessories Trends in fall winter 2021/2022

Today I am going to tell you what the trendiest shoes and accessories will be for the 2021-2022 fall-winter season.

These weeks ago I shared with you what are the trends in clothing for this fall-winter 2021 but I did not comment on what will be the trends in jewelry, shoes, bags, glasses, etc. So that's what we're going to do today.

Hobo bags

The first trend that has already been seen during past seasons and that will continue this fall winter season are Hobo Bags, which are these short bags that go on the shoulder and are rounded, because they will continue very very in trend this season so if you bought one of these in past seasons well the good news is that you can continue to use it and you will look super in trend.

High Boots

The high boots below the knee will also be used but they will also be used above the knee and especially with a square toe. This trend makes me happy because I have several of these boots so I will be able to continue using them and look fashionable.

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Platforms shoes

The next trend that we will also be seeing this fall will be shoes with platforms but very very large, especially oxford shoes.

Retro style glasses

The glasses that are most in trend this fall winter 2021 are going to be retro style glasses, squares with a certain rounded air.Our favorites? The Stylish SL 28 Sunglasses by Saint Laurent.

Maximalist Jewels

In jewelry you will be seeing a lot of maximalism, now what is going to attract the most attention of our outfit are going to be the large necklaces, rings and also earrings, all in extra-large size.

Fringed jewel

Jewelry with fringes will also be seen, especially these fringes that they have as glitters and as these will be seeing both in necklaces and earrings and also in the bosses.

Jewelery with flowers

We are also going to be looking at the earrings with flowers, these have also been used in past seasons and they will continue with this type of accessories, which in particular makes me beautiful.

Baseball hats

Another trend is going to be baseball caps that will give our outfit a much more sporty touch.


Crashes are again a trend but unlike five years ago that were super fashionable, these are now going to be much wider.

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Swedish shoes

The next trend that I have also been seeing a lot is Swedish shoes. They are these shoes that are regularly like wood, they are going to be seen a lot and well this depends on your style, if you want to incorporate it into your wardrobe or not because I feel that they are shoes that really do not last long as in trend as they have their season and then we all forget about them then yes this style of shoes goes with you because it is a very good option to add them to your shoe rack.

Cowboy Boots

Another trend in boots, which I really love, are cowboy boots, they are being seen in many colors, white, black, coffee of different styles and they are being combined with more elegant clothes as well as dresses, skirts, etc. . This is a top trend.

Chanel flats

We will also be seeing a lot of these shoes as a type of chanel that go in two colors that the part that goes next to the foot is nude and that the part of the toe is black. These shoes are very cool because they help you make your foot look longer and if you wear these shoes even if you don't have heels and even if they are only flats, then you will give the illusion that you look taller or that your legs are taller. long then they are a very good option if you do not like to wear a lot of heels.

Metallic Boots

 Another of the great sensations of this next autumn winter season will be metallic boots and shoes, as I also told you in the article on clothing trends, because now sequins, metallic tones and no it is the exception also in footwear. If you want to give a super pop touch to your outfit then you can do it this way with shoes that will be the center of attention.


This fall winter you cannot fail the animal shapes, either as in prints on scarves or we will also be seeing earrings or necklaces in the shape of different animals.


Another trend that continues from past seasons is going to be scarves, especially on the head, this trend makes me cute, I think I'll be adding some of these scarves to my wardrobe for this season and they can also help us with that sometimes the hair gets like that with a lot of "frizz", because with this accessory we can look much better.

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Eye-catching belts

The next trend in accessories will be the super super flashy belts we will be seeing these belts with many colored glitters with pebbles and a super large buckle.

Ring Sets

We will also be looking at the sets of rings but the special one that they are going to make very large rings and they are going to be wearing them all together and they are going to be used like these resins and of different colors or also metallic but they are really big, I don't know what. So comfortable go with this trend because I feel like it will hurt you, I do not know the hand or something like that but we will be seeing if this trend is going to remain as one of people's favorites once it starts to be used.

Hand warmers

Another trend is the hand warmers that the truth because it seems to me something quite strange, we are going to see if it is really going to be worn on the streets because one thing is what the brands propose in their parades and another thing is that people really like these trends and take them. 

These hand warmers I have seen that they sell them separately and they are like a long gloves type up to here and I have also seen that they sell the blouse as a whole and then their sleeves apart so if you want to bring a half-naked blouse but not you want to freeze to death because you wear these hand warmers that the truth is that it seems a little strange, I feel that it is not very practical because you better wear a long-sleeved blouse to cover the cold, but then they come fashion anything goes and we really don't have to wear everything that is said to be in trend.

Padded bags

Another trend that he has been seeing because in online stores that is too strong are the padded bags, I have seen them of all types, large, small, round, square and also the padded ones are like different types, they are the kind that They go as squares or stripes or simply seamless.