How people earn online money doing trading - ALL TRUTH OF THE TRADING

Is it possible to earn a living from trading?

It's a good family because this morning I been a little more inspired than usual and that is why I have done this type of mini edit at the beginning of the video and this is what i do every morning every tomorrow from Monday to Friday I dedicate myself from 10 in the morning until 2 noon to spice up the charts I mean the training and I do this totally free the sense that no I'm making money right now this I do to learn because you already know that trading is a profession that during a few months I can say years you go to be losing money or gaining very little money or even staying the same how did you start and that's why a lot people who are dedicated to saying online that the train is for everyone it really is for everyone because everyone can have access but not is made for everyone.

With that it means that it is a person does not have a prior discipline at the time of start trading cannot be dedicate to it be a person who does not has patience that does not have the habit of constancy of sacrifice cannot start with one thing that will and having this is like they don't fit things and that is why when online of the courses that people sell from oval roll believe is for everyone you can get financial freedom no make no mistake they are selling you the course they want to attract as many people as possible Maybe when you read this you say oysters if this suits me if I can work from home I learn to do trading lining lamborghinis ferraris it doesn't work like that, you are already seeing that I've been four or five months on top of the top two years training a little online and look where I am Mexico / La both of basically nothing I'm at my house finishing on the side college and while doing trading and I also make two thousand yen but hey the question is that you live.

I come to talk a little about the truth of online training makes me angry that people try how to discredit this profession due to the fact that many people I will not get freedom financial and I will always try defend that if you want to get the financial freedom you don't have to fight directly with the aim of winning money that is one of the big of the great benefits of power a lot of money but in the end what you have to find inside you and make it a great motivation and the real motivation is the power to help someone or the power have a motivation that is outside you is to say the power to change the world for whatever reason the fact of trying help my mother with the ones I know that he is made to help my father's company to retire or you have to have one motivation beyond money because by end the money you can get it from many ways and you are going to realize that trading during all this time is have to have a motivation beyond of money because if you are going to put money at the beginning iván i am going to put money and I realized that less motivated and at final leave trading aside a bit that's when I fell for the first time once on the way to trading 

I was there giving cane and where I said is that I say spend a year without making money this It is a profitable business and then I went down then then went back to tear out after a couple of months and yeah that it is true that I already had a vision totally different had traveled to houston to a festival with a friend and that trip changed my life a little and tell that my life had to be flying around the world had to be meeting people creating ideas assembling ideas creating business is a little reason why I want to do training the fact of being able to have a capital a tranquility a stability that allows you to do crazy things because end comes a step I lived doing business fulfilling ideas that we have between colleagues at the end we have mounted events but step tit and the idea is this that is it is still a motivation that each one will have his but you have to find that motivation do not stay only with the money because I tell you if I don't finish it on action so difficult that you may not even start then on the internet it is true I have seen that there are many people who says that with trading you will win a lot of money and they actually have very much reason because this millionaire you can make a lot of money but a lot money is also very complicated do that then whatever they have left Of course.

The rating is something that it works very long term that is you you see spending two years without earning money two years without a farmer but talk that you start to earn something you will notice that this beginning is going to be a before and a later I explain myself normally when you you've been trading normal for a while it was always a step forward never backwards if you are constant constant constant changes every day would win at end feel you are moving forward moving forward and the best thing is that more and more treating results either by viewing the graphics everything is clearer getting more profitability in each train by end of the day a bit like this business and I being aware that every time I see steps considerable even more than I expected and that makes me motivate more to move forward and with that it means that as more hours you dedicate to training more money you will get this works like this, more dedication equals more profit on youtube with more videos more benefits because it is a profession that works with constancy.

if you are constant and disciplined you will get all the goals you want on the train but first you have to know that you are going to be months months of roller coasters of ups of downs of moments of anxiety depression because in the end all this is part of the game that's why trader are dedicated to training there are very few people very few people in the world who be a trader but the people who arrive above the trading life is changed what they are living is crazy now day by day 

I have said to have brought his family friends to close to its around in general is a change radical that they have marked in their lives let's also say with him it's not for everything the world 30 is for everyone no it's for everyone and I want it emphasize that is I can not allow it would be on the internet that it is something that you say you can do it like me everyone evidently regretted you can start trading up to me grandmother my grandfather everyone can start trading but it's not that is focused on those types of people is to have some values ​​or at least one type not so values ​​but a type of attitude that when you go to what what would this profession be this one is disciplined to be able to lie because in the end what you are going to do is wasting time and money from your pocket so 36 for that kind of people you can afford to take out time sacrifice leisure time that have because what they have to do it is also that a weekend when your friends go to party you created at home.

Trading this is one of many things that you do not see trading on made to be here till 4 till 5 o'clock looking at the graphs comparing doing backtesting is crazy works that there is very sacrificed I do not I know that's why I like to make videos for share a bit my experience to see my progress and long term when get to these videos say strong oysters that at that time was still giving him because right now I don't love myself where I am that's what I want to do and in the end It should also be noted that there are many pyramid scams and trading courses what are scams

I have seen for everywhere the first thing is that in many courses sell you the motorcycle directly that you are going to naranjera with the course is how are you saying you were pir skills that if they are going to trade that you leave to cover that everyone is not impossible that is, are you going to tell me that I have been indicating in trading for six months five or six hours a day and it's starting to make some money and then you are seeing people who leave yes that goes sales that travels all over the world and everyone a millionaire that it's a lie in the end there is always business like the call marketing what a pain respect but they stain the image of the trade because sometime I uploaded some Instagram story of making a little trading and people have said here you're doing not this ease of Real trading you don't have to award my job or I am working what happens that the train is always related to him easy money and easy money called a lot of attention and that is why the training is a profession that is sold very good because it may be working with the mobile because you have a super life style you are traveling making friends contacts eating in restaurants luxury but this of course this is achieved by the euro percent gives better all traders who start there is a bit the goal where I want to go but there is to go step by step I really about everything even as something personal in plan I'm going to get it out my nose and in this channel you are going to see is that there is no kind of cheat can you know my tour and the day he starts teaching numbers will be numbers that you can say oysters sea ​​that told us this was really going that is, the motorcycle is selling it and he wherever you have your foot because if you put your foot and you have stepped badly your train run and it can be seen quite affected so this is your family greetings and see you later