How to play and solve CodyCross

Without a doubt, CodyCross is one of the most successful logic games of recent times, since thanks to the union of the concept of crosswords and riddles it manages to attract more and more new players every day, be careful, it is very addictive!

The game was launched in 2017 by the guys from Fanatee and since then its takeoff has been meteoric since in the update it is played by more than 15 million players around the world and adds thousands and thousands of new downloads every day.

CodyCross is ideal for almost any age since it is ideal to improve our brain capacity and thus, in addition to entertaining us, work on the daily performance of our brain.

How do you play CodyCross?

The gameplay is just as simple as it is addictive.

In CodyCross you put yourself in the shoes of an alien named Cody who arrives on Earth by mistake and that in order to advance and discover our planet he has to solve crosswords and riddles. You will have to answer the different questions that are proposed to you in each of the groups of phases of the game, and for this you will use clues. You can also get, or buy, tokens that act as extra aids to solve the questions.

How many levels does the Codycross have?

With Codycross you can spend a few hours entertaining since it has nothing more and nothing less than 800 levels, yes, yes, you heard correctly, 800 levels in which you will have to guess 10 words in each level. Does it seem like a lot of truth? It is, but let me tell you that little by little you will get hooked on the game and you will devour level by level without being able to stop playing.

If you want to receive a little help or some level is choking you, you can go to some of the web pages that we find on the internet where they collect the answers for each of the Codycross levels. We recommend you visit:

How to install CodyCross on Android?

CodyCross installation is not more complicated than that of any other game for android. You just have to open the Play Store, search for CodyCross and once found, click on the install button.

How to play CodyCross on PC?

Since CodyCross is not available for PC, if you want to play CodyCross on your computer, you will have to find and install an Android emulator for PC. In this way you can play this successful game that you were doing on an Android device.

How to get tokens in Codycross?

As we have already told you before, the tokens in Codycross make it easier for you to have more clues to be able to solve each of the game's levels in this way, and you can get these extra clues in the form of tokens by paying through the game, but surely you want know how to get free tokens in Codycross, right? Well, it's really simple, the game rewards you with free tokens when you connect with Facebook and share your games and successes in Codycross with your Facebook friends. You can also receive 20 free tokens for Codycross by inviting your friends to join the game.