How to Make $200/Day On Pinterest 


show you how to use Pinterest to make your first $200 a day with Shopify YouTube your own website your blog whatever it is this works on literally any niche this is a huge on top and untapped market no one's really using Pinterest right now everyone focuses on you know YouTube YouTube ads Google Ads Facebook Ads but no one's focusing on Pinterest and I'm not talking about Pinterest ads you can actually build this all for free I'm gonna show you exactly how how to do it.

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 so I'm gonna use this as an example here this is an account I created called design hub and this is all about web design UI design graphic design architecture so this is all about people who are interested in art design just design in general so I named the design hub and I'm going to show you exactly how I groove this to 405 followers in less than a week so this is actually really easy to do and I want to show you how you can make money with this later on so this could be in any niche not just design you can use the camping niche and just you can use the fishing niche make up whatever it is so I'm gonna show you exactly how to get started so I'm gonna stick with my own niche and just show you how I started so I'm just gonna search up web design so what that's gonna do is it's gonna bring up a whole bunch of web design new eyes so Pinterest is all about just pinning your own ideas creating your own boards 

I'm gonna show you exactly what they are so boards what I'm gonna do is search by boards so what I've done is how these are all boards here this is a branding boards the travel board this is a web design board so what I've done is I've actually broken down the design niche into different categories so there's packaging design there's architecture there's graphic design web design I can't design furniture design so let's say you're doing it on camping you would break your your camping niche into one one board for tints another boat for lighting lamps and all that another one for fishing if fishings falls under you know camping so that's what you need to do so what I've done here is a just gonna search the web design now this clicked here and I searched it up by both boards only and what I'm gonna do is just click on one of these guys and I'm gonna pin a few of us actually you don't need to do this first I'm gonna go back here first thing you need to do is actually create a board so I'm gonna go back and just search it up all by pin so Rob none yet it's still search talk about Web Design I'm just gonna do and I just search it out by all pins and what I'm gonna do is what you need to do is when you first start you actually need to create a board so you come down here and just click create board and just name it web design and keep keep the secret I'd know if you click yes and then no one will be able to see your board it's a secret so I'm gonna cancel this because I've already got web design here all the way at the bottom and what I'm gonna do is just pin it there and what I've done is I've actually on my web design pin if ice keeps going down

 I've got heaps here to find my web design where is it where is it so don't let this scare you can actually do this in real real easily it doesn't matter I'm just gonna I'm just gonna show you this as an example so what just happened is this pin is actually pinned into my web design board and what you need to do is you actually you need to pin about about 20 to 40 pins it's all you can do as many as you want but 20 to 40 is ideal so let's say it's camping and it's about tens let's just stick with camping doesn't have to you don't have to break into different categories so you just search up camping so this would be like a Shopify store or something like that and you just go out and just pin a few of these images so now you got your pod and now now you you don't have a border but a good amount of pens but you have zero followers so this is what you do I'm going to show you as the camping since most of you guys are interested in Shopify dropshipping so when I go into boards here and this is going to show me all the camping bulbs and I'm gonna click one so these are probably us so this has 123 thousand photos this isn't doing really what this board right here and what I'll do is just click on the followers here and what I'll do is just follow each and every single one of these people and what I'll do is I should follow about 300 of them 300 sounds like a lot it is a bit of a tedious task to just go and head following each one but that's what you have to do that and what that will do is about 50% of those followers will let you follow you back so if you follow 300 people a hundred and fifty four people will follow you back so you're getting a hundred and fifty followers per day so that's what I've done here so I've followed 900 people 400 people followed me back so I've actually been slacking here I could have easily gonna put this up to a thousand if I wanted to but I've actually just been slacking I'm gonna start making my own website soon for design and so now that you've got your followers you're actually gaining about 150 followers and let's say after 10 days you have a thousand five hundred followers now how do you make money with these followers what I would do is I'm gonna stick with my niche here just design hub and what I would do is I would actually make my own website on design or make a Shopify store on design or make a youtube channel on design and I would sell products so if its design I might sell sketchbooks so this is a website this isn't actually my website this is a website about architecture and let's just pretend this is my website so what I want to do is actually promote this page right here so I'll just copy the link to my website and I would go in here and just hit this plus button right here then I'll come down to save from sight then what you do is you just click place place the link and hit next what that will do is I'll just bring up all the images from your website and you pick one of the images so this one looks kind of cool so I'm gonna click on that just hit save the blue pin button right there then you scroll down to architecture so that's the board that I want to pin it to and save so now it's actually promoting other people's pages so your one will also get promoted once you start getting a lot of followers but I'm not gonna follow this one so I'll just hit see now so imagine this being your own product so let's say the camping niche double used as an example let's say it's a tent right here and you say go buy it now click this image and go buy now so if I should click this image but let's see go to the design website so all you have to do is create a bunch of followers on and on the image just right go discount discount of tints available now go buy it now it's that simple you can get a little ton of traffic for free if you just keep following a just follow the exact methods that I've showed you so I'll just go over it again so first first thing you do is you come in here and search up this list let's try one more thing fishing so my strike fishing here and this can work on any niche so there's a so I'm gonna what I'll do is I'll just go and pin about 20 obese to many of these pins or these images just to make it look legit and make a bored about fishing and just make it look legit 20 of these then what I'll do is go into the boards right here and I'll click on one of these boards now check how many follows they have so this guy's about 64,000 that's really good then I would hit follow on all of these people not all of them 300 per day so if you actually go over 300 per day Pinterest will actually give you a warning that's like the cap 300 per day then you just get 150 followers you could get more than that depending on the niche so you start getting follows easily then what I'll do is let me just go and Google a fishing Shopify store so this is it's a fishing shop I still get fishing mine calm and let's just pretend this is my shop fly still here and I want to promote this these baits right here what I'm gonna do is copy this and we'll come back to and just hit this plus button and I'll click on save from site then paste the link right here then hit next and they'll bring up all the images from the store so what I would actually do is if you go into this and I will actually create an image and I'll say discount this click here discount for this many days you know 24 hours until the price runs out from you know 229 50% off whatever you want there's so many things you can say and I'll just save one of these images and and I would also create a fishing board I'll just call it fishing and make sure you don't hit the secret button and create and that's it now once you get within a month you can easily easily get within 10 days you can easily get thousand farm to followers and you're pretty much guaranteed a sale all for free without any advertising so there's really no excuse here to get this started and what I've done ranked or now is just promoted this other guys what people are gonna do is if they really like this product they actually going to go repin this so let's say I'm into fishing and I've got a bunch of fishing boards and I'm gonna hit save it's telling you that I've already saved it but I'm gonna save it unto my own board so what Pinterest is all about is they're people it's about people's hobbies so my hobby is in design architecture and all that traveling and all that and I pin other people's so traveling is one of my hobbies what I've done here is I've actually pinned other people's pins on traveling all their traveling images all that people in places that I want to travel to so imagine that if you get a thousand pound of followers within 10 days about people that interested in fishing you can easily get sales and this is this requires zero dollars in investment all you need is just a Shopify store or your own blog your YouTube channel whatever you want so if you're new to my channel make sure you subscribe and like 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