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Make money with Affiliate Marketing step by step

I'm going to share how I make over $1000 per day with affiliate marketing. So as you guys can see here on my paypal, this is actually over $30,000 in a one week period from September 25th, 2017 to October 2nd, 2017. And, so that's kinda low balling it a little bit, but as you guys can see here, oops, if I scroll here, PayPal. So over 30k in a single week, but I'm gonna show you guys how I make over $1000 every single day profit with affiliate marketing.
 Check it out. Hey, what is up guys. ODI productions here, shown in my apartment. I hope you guys enjoyed that little intro I did here, but basically the subject of today's video is going to be showing or teaching you guys how I make over $1000 a day profit with affiliate marketing. So, in that little screenshot I showed you from my PayPal account. Let me just pull it up again real quick. Well it wasn't a screenshot. It's actually the webpage itself, if you guys can see, Hold on. If you guys can see here. It's the actual PayPal website. Everything is updated. Come on, get in focus. Alright. 30,000 in just over a week. Now, if this is your first time on the channel, my name is Odi. I go by ODI Productions. I'm a 24 year old full time entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. Basically what I do is affiliate marketing full-time. And as you guys saw in that screenshot, you know, 30k in just a one week period pretty recently. Just a couple weeks back. 

The thing is, that may seem like a crazy number for you guys if you're new to the channel, but I actually have a video from just two or three weeks ago where I actually made over 45,000 in a single week with affiliate marketing and a 96% profit margin. And I actually, in that video I showed the expenses. I showed the revenue. I show the profit margin. I show all the numbers. For anyone who's skeptical, you can watch that. I'm not gonna do that in this video because I don't wanna go through that again. It takes a long time. And I already did that in one video where I made more than in this video. But basically, what I wanna do is give you guys some direct actionable advice for anyone who's getting into affiliate marketing. 

I'm gonna give you some advice on how you can actually earn the big bucks with affiliate marketing. And I'm not talking about, you know, $100 a day, $200 a day, $300 a day, which is, you know perfectly fine. But this video is for the people who are really trying to go big. And there's plenty of videos online already that's like how to earn $100 a day as a broke 12 year old, you know, and stuff like that. But I'm not gonna teach you guys how to do that. Because I, me, you know I want to really teach people who are serious about this. I wanna teach people who are serious about affiliate marketing and who are willing to invest their time and energy and, you know resources into learning and growing as an affiliate marketer and entrepreneur. So, basically I'm gonna give you guys some advice in this video on how to actually scale from zero dollars a day to, you know $300 a day up to $1000 a day like what I do. And I actually do a bit more than $1000 a day, if you guys do the math, you know 30k in a week. And that's all from affiliate marketing. Basically, before anyone says, you know I make money from selling courses, my video where I made 45k in a week, that was back in May and my course only came out about a month ago, so yeah there's that. Anyways, getting a little off topic here. But, basically affiliate marketing for anyone who's not familiar, it's basically just referring products and services to other people. If you guys have heard of companies like GoDaddy. They have commercials on TV. So, domain registrar/web hosting company. If you direct people to GoDaddy through your link as an affiliate and they sign up through your link, you can earn upwards of 50, 75, $100 per day or per sign-up through that. 

And another big example is Amazon Associates which is the biggest affiliate program on the planet. And obviously, Amazon's one of the largest companies on the planet. We can just go right here. Hopping into my laptop and I'll just show you guys the Amazon Associates program for anyone who's brand new and you really have never encountered this before. Let me just show you guys. I would use my screen capture software, but it's a little too much for this. I just wanna show you guys a really brief, brief overview. So, if we go right here. Let me just flip, flip the screen. Check it out. So as you guys can see on this website, this is Amazon Associates. As you guys can see in the URL, it says affiliate program amazon. Earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader. 

So, basically the way it works is with Amazon Associates is you get links, you can look up any product that is available on Amazon. You get a link for it and you can link it on your YouTube videos, you website, whatever. And if somebody purchases anything from Amazon within 24 hours from your link, you'll receive a fixed commission. Now, the commission is based on category. It depends what you're selling. If you're selling video games, something like 4%. If you're selling something like headphones, like I do with my first affiliate marketing website You sell a pair of headphones, you get 6% of the total product cost. So, this product right here, this V-MODA cross-fade wireless 2 and this is the rose gold version. It's $350. If I sold one of those, 6% commission. 

So basically, earning over 20 bucks every time I sell one of those. So, right there, that's an example of affiliate marketing. And it's actually very simple, but I do notice that there's a lot of fluff online. There's a lot of people who claim to do affiliate marketing. They claim to do, you know five six figures a month, but they really don't have proof to back it up. Whereas me, you know, if you guys have seen any of my other videos, I mean, you know my lifestyle alone is just proof. Proof is in the pudding, you know what I mean. So, basically, oops. Just dropped my keys. Basically, let's get on with this video. So, let's give you some actual advice guys on how you can earn four figures a day with affiliate marketing. 

Alright, so I've decided that in this video, I'm going to give you guys three actionable tips and advice for how you can become successful with affiliate marketing and you can finally break through that threshold or that wall of not being able to be profitable or to earn as much or to get the results that you're looking for. And instead, if you do these three things, if you start doing them today, I promise that you will start getting more results in the future. Alright, so listen up. The first tip. The first tip with affiliate marketing that I'm going to give you guys that is really something that you guys need to listen to is you need to create an affiliate marketing business and not a campaign. Alright. Campaigns die while businesses thrive. 

This is a very important lesson guys. So, when a lot of people first get into affiliate marketing, I think that they get taught or they learn this lesson that affiliate marketing is you run some sort of Facebook ad campaign to a landing page and then you get people to sign up, to buy a product, to go through your funnel, whatever. So that is all well and good and that's actually how affiliate marketing really worked back then. Back in the day. Not saying it doesn't work today, but that's usually how affiliate marketing used to work you know, around five years ago or before. But affiliate marketing's a little different in 2017. 

People are way more skeptical these days and they're not willing to buy stuff the first second that they land on your landing page and encounter your brand for the first time. The statistic is it takes a person an average of seven times, seven times of encountering your brand or product or service before they actually make a purchase from you. Before they actually take their wallet out and buy what you're selling.

So, it's not gonna work if you, you know, you just funnel traffic onto a landing page and expect them to buy a 50, 100, $200 product. It just doesn't work like that. People are way too skeptical these days. Now, the flip side is instead of just making a bunch of campaigns and hoping that this cold, warm traffic, whatever converts into buyers, what you need to do is create a business. You need to create a brand. Now, I'm gonna give you guys two examples of real affiliate marketing businesses that have generated anywhere from five to over six figures a month in income. 

I'm gonna show you guys two examples right now, right here. So let's go hop into my computer. Sorry I'm not using my screen capture software, but this is gonna be real quick. So the first one as I showed you guys earlier, RecordingNow. This is actually one of my businesses. And here's the thing guys. A lot of people online who teach this affiliate marketing stuff, they will never show you their business or they'll never show you how they actually make money with affiliate marketing. And the reason why is because, well sometimes you know, well most of the time, a lot of them don't actually earn as much as they claim to earn from affiliate marketing. Secondly, you know, obviously you don't want to really reveal your products and services because it's competition. 

So I understand that. But luckily for me, this is my first affiliate marketing website and I actually have many multiple affiliate marketing websites out there and this is just one of them. So I can give it away because, you know I actually have a few of these websites. But, you know, this is just an example to show you guys to really kind of give you guys, sorry I stubbed my toe. So this is just an example to show you guys a real affiliate marketing business as opposed to a campaign. So if we hop back into here. 

This is It is a niche authority website in the home recording niche. IF you guys know from my YouTube channel, I review headphones, so you guys can see this is one of my reviews right here and you guys can see that this is a real website which I developed myself using wordpress, which is something that I'm an expert in. And you guys can see the affiliate links right here for Amazon Associates which I just, which I showed you guys. But yeah, so this is an affiliate marketing website and what are the benefits of having an affiliate marketing website versus a campaign you ask. Basically, you're building something that's real. You're building something that has assets. 

You're building something that one day may be sold as a real company. And so, when you have an affiliate marketing website, you can actually rank on Google for terms, you know, related to your affiliate marketing products or whatever. And so when you're on the first page of Google for these terms, you can continue to get traffic and get sales and conversions for months if not years on end after making your blog post. After, you know making your webpage or whatever. 

So you're actually creating something that can sell for you pretty much until infinity after you've already made it. And that's the beauty of affiliate marketing is passive income. And the thing is affiliate marketing isn't passive income unless you're actually, affiliate marketing isn't passive income until you have webpages or products or services that rank on Google for high traffic, searched terms, and key words. And so that's basically what I'm trying to teach in this lesson right here is that you need to create stuff that is gonna pop up for months if not years to come that you don't have to spend money towards. 

Because with campaigns, campaigns die. You can spend money on campaigns and, you know they can earn you an ROI. But the problem is, if that campaign fizzles out, if it stops working and it does plenty of times, which is why a lot of people struggle because they're always making new campaigns. They have to make a new campaign, you know every couple of weeks. They have to always retest and optimize and change things. 

Now there's nothing wrong with that. I love paid traffic personally and that's something that I personally actually teach my students, but for the sake of this lesson, long term wins over short term campaigns. Long term brands and companies and businesses wins over any sort of short cut or any sort of get rich quick campaign or, you know 'cuz those things die out. They don't last for years. Businesses do. So that's my first lesson. Let me show you my second example real quick. This right here is, which is actually the shirt I'm wearing. 

But if you guys look at this, you guys should definitely visit that if you're interested in affiliate marketing. I'm actually wearing one of Pat Flynn's shirts. Let me just show you guys the back of it real quick. If you guys can see that I'm rocking it. I'm repping it. I love Pat Flynn. I love his website. I love his podcast. This guy is a brilliant affiliate marketer who's 100% transparent, you know kind of like me. And basically, he actually shares his income reports with breakdowns of where he earns his affiliate revenue. 

So, if I scroll down all the way here, you guys can actually see the income breakdown, so affiliate earnings. He earned over 52,000 from affiliate earnings alone. So from links on his website This is his website. And he has links to all of these products and services and he earns upwards of $19,000 from some of these affiliates. So pretty cool. You guys can check it out if you want. This is one of the inspirations for how I got into affiliate marketing. 

So I'm really proud and happy to give some exposure to Pat Flynn. If you guys check him out, let him know that I sent you or whatever because he's an inspiration of mine. But basically, those are affiliate marketing businesses in a nutshell. They're not campaigns. In fact, Pay Flynn, he actually didn't spend money for paid traffic until this year I think. Which is insane. His website was all organic. And the thing is he receives upwards of two million, three or four million hits per month, so he doesn't exactly have to pay for paid traffic. 

He's lucky because, well he's not lucky, but he's fortunate enough that he gets so much organic traffic from his website and from ranking for high volume search terms and keywords that he doesn't really have to spend a dime for Facebook ads, for ad words or anything like that because he gets tons of traffic organically. So that's another way. I personally like paid traffic because it works for people who don't have a following like me. My websites don't get millions of views a month. 

So I unfortunately have to pay for my traffic, but it's okay because as long as the outcome is income then it's all good. Now, let's move on to the second tip I'm gonna give you guys today. Alright for my second lesson, it's very fitting...