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 991 dollars and 73 cents in 14 hours on Shopify and I think I got one what's up guys it's Sebastian here and welcome back to another video so today I'm actually gonna go throughout each step that I went through to make nine hundred and ninety one dollars and only 14 hours on Shopify and I'm gonna give you examples along the way so make sure you guys sit back to enjoy the entire video and if you find something valuable make sure you drop a like so the first thing I did I had no idea that this product was gonna be winning but what I did to find a winning product was I literally went on Twitter and on Instagram.

I just looked for advertisements and so I kept on scrolling and I follow pages that usually post shoutouts on Twitter and Instagram and I can see these pages and they always push out it's and they always come up on my feed and what I do with that is I can go to those dropshippers websites and then sort it by best-selling sort their entire website by best-selling find their best-selling product and then write it down.

if you guys don't know how to do this I made a video on it the link will be in the description once I sort their products by best-selling if I find a product being advertised on multiple platforms such as Twitter and Instagram will just use like women's leggings for example if I see some women's leggings on Twitter and on Instagram then I'll go on Aliexpress and try to find those exact leggings or something very very similar and oftentimes you can because a lot of these dropshippers are drop shipping from Aliexpress.

so what I like to do when I find this product on Aliexpress is I like to make sure that it's not the most trending product but it's like a few rows down and that way I know that it's picking up orders and it's about to become a hot product right it's about to start selling a lot more those products are like the number one selling products those are good but I always have this feeling that those are the ones that are like at the peak and then they're gonna start going down so it might be a little bit harder to sell them because the little mini trend of that product is over.

so if you go a few rows down and you see a product starting to pick up orders then I know that that one is probably going to sell a lot in the next week or so so I click on that product and what I'll do is I'll look at the reviews and if there's a lot of good five-star reviews and a lot of people are happy with the product then I'll say okay so basically I found this product on Twitter and being advertised by multiple dropshippers you know sorted their store out by best-selling and this was in the top five of their best-selling products so I went on I'll express people loving the product what does that tell me basically I can advertise this product it's going to be a good idea to start marketing this product because people are loving the product and a lot of people are doing it and if more people were doing it then obviously there's more money to be made so I'll build a section on my store or a completely separate store and I'll put that product right and now I'll find good images off of the reviews and I'll put them on the story create a good description and then I'll price it create a very very good discount depending on what my competitors are doing for example if I saw my competitors advertising the women's leggings for $15 or for $20 then maybe I could do it a few dollars cheaper and make a bigger promotion that way it'd be easier for me to gain those customers and then once everything is set up on my website with the product I'll then go and I'll make an ad just like the ones that I saw so I saw some on Twitter I saw some people were tweeting it on Twitter I saw someone out on Instagram and by the way this is an example this is not something that I actually did with women's leggings I'm just giving you guys an example but I'll create an average-height it's an advertisement similar to my competitors but I'll make it better I'll find a better picture I'll use a prettier font something like that right I'll give a better discount a better ad copy less spammy less emojis more serious more professional I'll just base my idea off theirs since theirs is already working and make it better in every way and then I'll try to market on the same platform and beat them completely that's exactly how I made nine hundred and ninety one dollars in just 14 hours another very important thing that you guys want to look out for is when you're advertising products especially on Instagram you want to make sure that the page that you're advertising your product on is directly correlating with the product that you're advertising for example if you're advertising a vegan bracelet or a vegan necklace or something to do with the veganism you want to advertise it on a vegan page right it has to be as nice as possible and yes you could do dogs as well you know a dog necklace on the dog page but if you can get even more specific like a golden retriever page and a golden retriever necklace or a golden retriever a safety belt something like that right as nice as possible because the more niche you go into your products the easier will be for people to make sells because think about it I mean if you have somebody following a if you find a page on Instagram that's dedicated to teacup Chihuahuas and you find something to do if you find a product what's the likeliness that somebody has already advertised on that page probably very low which just would make everything better for you because the influencer would be cheap and it wouldn't be used at all the page wouldn't be saturated so people would have never been exposed to any ads and you know you'll get a lot of sales the first time you do it if you do this stuff right now I'm going to go over some important steps that ensured that I'd make this money if I didn't do these steps then I wouldn't have made the amount of money that I did in these 14 hours so the number one thing that I did was I had a good looking website it wasn't scammy at all right I knew it looked good I had it audited by other people a lot of people told me it looked good and I knew that it wasn't going to come off scammy so that's very very important almost one of the most important things that you can do another thing that I did is I added urgency when I advertised this product on my platforms I said only 12 hours left right here are only 16 hours left and then when I went and I added urgency onto my website with horrify I did the exact same thing I changed the timer setting to 16 hours now it has to be congruent because if they see the advertisement and it says you know 16 hours left and then they go on the on the page and it says 24 hours then they're like okay what's going on something's not right you know this said something that said something else but if your ad and your website match up then they know your mean business they know you're serious like okay this is for reals the sale ends in 16 hours right they'll take you more seriously and then they'll be a lot more likely to convert and buy off your website a professional website with urgency two very very important things also another important thing that I went over earlier is that you want to have you want to market the product to the right people like I said if I'm going to advertise the women's leggings then maybe I can go and do it on a yoga page or maybe I can do it on a women's fitness page or something like that you know in what setting do women need yoga pants and what setting do women wear Kings right so you have to kind of think out of the box go and find a page that you see a lot of women wearing leggings on and then advertise women leggings in some sort of way the products have to correlate right another example which is a stupid example if you find like a bracelet or a necklace that has like a piece of state go on to a freaking stake influencer right alright guys so that's gonna do it for today's video I hope it helped you in some way shape or form if you still have questions go ahead and throw them in the comments down below and I'll try to answer them I'll try to get back to you guys but I really really really want to help you so seriously if you do have any questions please leave a comment if you guys did learn something or did find a some sort of value in this video drop a like and go ahead and hit the subscribe button because that's how I know you guys are enjoying the content and I will see you guys in the next