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How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Today we're going to talk about a topic I love and that is Pinterest now you may have heard of me before when it comes to Pinterest my nickname is the princess of Pinterest and that's because I know a little something about how you can use Pinterest in your business to unlock a ton of traffic and a flood of leads to your business every single day so today's topic.

I'm going to share with you how you can rank number one on Pinterest almost every single time so let's dive into the training and get started alright guys so let's dive in let me show you how you can start ranking number one on Pinterest now before I dive in I wanted to tell you why they call me the princess of Pinterest and that's really because we get results so let me show you a few results so that you can see exactly how you can duplicate this for your business.

So I'm gonna do a quick screen share here and just go over some of our results so that you can see exactly what we do so first of all we went ahead and created a piece of content and once we created that piece of content we realized what we wanted to rank for and that was YouTube marketing channels and in just a few days this happened really really fast we were the first search result okay so the ranking number one for a pretty popular keyword phrase YouTube marketing channels then we wrote an article it was all about billionaire quotes and so you can see here again that we were able to rank number one and these aren't just flukes we're able to do this consistently so here's an example we wrote an article

December 31st within one day you can see here the snapshot we were the fourth search result in just one day so you can get results on Pinterest really really fast when you know exactly what to do alright and over time on Pinterest you actually improve your results so here we were in the number three spot we moved to the number two spot and then eventually we ranked number one so I'm showing you this so that you understand that this is something that you can duplicate as well this process really works.

So again here we are were the number three result and maybe like the number seven result here we are we're number three and like eight here we are at number two and you go back and actually look at this this is for a pretty popular keyword phrase business quotes how hard would it be for you to actually rank number two on Google or a search engine for such a popular keyword phrase probably cost you a lot of money and take you a whole lot longer but on Pinterest you can actually do this and get to the top really really fast and you want to get to the top because the higher your search results the more clicks the more saves the more leads the more conversions...

So it's really important that you follow this process so the next thing we want to do is I want to show you what the process is that we use in order to go and rank to the top so let me go ahead and share my screen one more time we'll pop into Pinterest and we'll get started so here we go on Pinterest and the first thing I want you to understand is that you need to know what you're going to rank for so it should be something that's relative to your business and then you want to do your research the research is really really important for you and so these are some of the things that we do before we create our content.

Okay so don't create your content and then try to rank create content after you know what it is that you want to rank for that's a very important thing write that down so what I wanted to show you is that when you go into Pinterest you can search for any phrase any keyword that you want so for this example I went ahead and typed in podcasts just to see what the results were and the first thing that you see is what happens is it gives you some alternative suggestions for keyword phrases that were commonly searched when people typed in podcast so if you can see this bar right down here Pinterest is actually saying to you hey check this out people that search that searched for...