How to decorate your purple or purple Christmas tree - Christmas trends

Yes, it is true, purple, violet, lilac are not very frequent colors in Christmas decoration. The truth is that other shades such as red and green are traditionally used. However, times change, and the decoration is a very succulent tapestry to fill with different colors, why dispense with one as beautiful as purple?

The truth is that decorating with purple at Christmas can give us much more sophisticated and modern options, more daring, yes, but with lovely results; And it is not always stick to the classic is the best. There are those who want to get out of the traditional (we have shared ideas of alternative Christmas trees), and these ideas are dedicated, especially, for those people.

What do we like about purple Christmas decorations? As we mentioned, the style that the spaces acquire, but also the combinations that can be made; and it is that combined with silver it is a real show, but we can also mix it without problems with greens, another of the star colors at Christmas.

Pink tones are also a great ally of purple Christmas decoration, but in addition, we can try to combine it with white, a white Christmas with small purple dyes.

If there is something we like at Christmas are the decorative spheres with glitter. They give off magic, this is undeniable. If these balls are also purple, the result will be even more magical, as we can see in the image.

It should be added that although we do not like to decorate the Christmas tree in excess, we can always use this color for other accessories. For example, fill the gift tree in which purple is seen everywhere. A subtle way to use this color.

Christmas wreaths are very popular items at the end of the year. Here we see how beautiful they can be if we incorporate green, pineapples and decoration in silver and purple. A different crown that goes out of the traditional but that looks really good. Much more elegant.

Finally, in the centerpieces we can also incorporate this color. Although pineapples are naturally brown, an improvised center with a purple plate and a few pineapples painted in this shade can be the perfect touch for our celebration table.