How to make a beautiful puff with a used tire

On this occasion in The How of Things we will gather two large groups of readers, those passionate about the work and specifically crochet, with those other followers who love crafts and DIY.  And today we are going to transform step by step and in a simple way a used, worn or punctured tire into a wonderful puff that you will love to place in front of the sofa, in your room, etc.

First we will see how our friend of the YouTube channel Steffido teaches us in her life how to do this process step by step, and then show you different examples of beautiful puffs obtained from used tires.

If you follow the step by step of the video it will not be very complicated to make this wonderful crochet puff but if you do not want to do this crochet craft because you do not feel like it or because you do not think it fits with the decoration of your home, keep looking at the rest  of photos that we leave below because you will discover that you can obtain incredible results by transforming a used tire into a puff using different types of rope, fabrics, threads, wood or even with pom poms ;)