How to choose orange nail tones to shine all year

Do you like this color but you don't know how to wear it? Look at these original ideas of orange nails, there is everything, simple but also modern ...

Have you ever painted orange nails? If your answer was no, you may want to try one of these original designs.This nail color can not only be used in autumn, it can also be combined during spring and summer, you just have to keep reading this note and you will discover that what I say it's true ...

Check out these amazing nail designs. Let's start with these orange acrylic nails, you can wear them in plain colors and if you're afraid of using an intense orange shade, a good option is neon.

Bicolor nail designs are a risky option and you can do it at home with the help of masking tape.

Another option is floral designs. You do not need to paint the entire nail, look at this idea of ​​elegant nails that you can even take to a wedding or just any other day.

If you are in summer and want to wear a beautiful manicure on the beach, get this tropical nail design in orange.

It combines more than two colors, like this one with a touch of green in matt enamels. It is very beautiful and will fit you in any season.

If you like glitter a lot, then you should have neon orange nails with golden glitter.

And not to mention these geometric orange nails ... you can also make them yourself, just be sure to let each of the layers dry.

One of the nail designs that has caught my attention the most are nail flames, although I would wear it on all nails or combined with a single tone.
If you do not want to complicate so much, leave them in a color and give them an elegant finish like this ...