How to do a 90 days workout plan weight loss

90 day workout plan weight loss

Fitness body in 3 months

If you want to get your body ready in record time you have to know that in 3 months you can get it. But, yes: you will have to be constant and follow the training plan that we will indicate here to eliminate fat and increase your muscle mass at the same time.

To be able to lose weight and tone in 3 months you must be constant, meticulous and avoid excesses during this time. A balanced diet, healthy habits and 4 or 5 days of training a week is what you will need for your set-up. Both men and women may change their body if they follow stipulated guidelines and "whims" are not allowed. It will be only 3 months with which you can change your life, do you try it?
4 or 5 days of weekly training

In order to have a fitness body in 3 months it is essential that you go to the gym. And go well. That is to say, it won't help you to go 2 or 3 days because the week has 7 days. It is recommended that you go for 4 to 5 days, 5 being the most optimal option and, in addition, it is best that you go interspersed days to allow your muscle to repair and avoid injuries. Spending 1 hour or 1 hour and a half of training you will be able to change your body and get visible results in only 3 months.

Cardio is an extra, not the basis

In order to lose weight and tone in 3 months it is important that you have something in mind: cardio exercises will help you burn fat, yes, but the important thing is to tone. With weight and bodybuilding exercises we will tone the body but also burn fat. Therefore, you have to devote more time to bodybuilding and that cardio is part of your training in 20 or 30 minutes. You don't need to spend 1 hour on the treadmill because it won't help you see big changes. Weights yes. In this other article we tell you why burning fat with weights is better than cardio
Two types of different workouts

If you can not go to the gym in an interleaved way, the ideal is to distribute two types of workouts and intervals. In this way you will get used to allowing the muscles to have 24 hours of rest during which they will be repaired and enlarged. He thinks that rest is essential so that the muscle can feel the exercise and, in addition, so that it is in perfect condition. Forcing the body will only cause pain and even injury. It is best that you create two types of routines, Routine 1 and Routine 2 and in which every day you dedicate to train a part of the body, for example, the upper train in the 1 and the lower train in the 2.

Abs every day

But if there is something that must be trained daily it is the abdominal area. This part of the body is not included in the lower or upper train as it is the intermediate zone. The "core" is the central part of the body and, therefore, must be toned and strong. This is why it is recommended that, whenever you train in the gym, you also train your abdominal muscles. But, yes: you must give him at least 2 days of rest a week so that the muscles and fibers are repaired. In this other article we detail a good abdominal routine so you can include it in your training.

3 month training plan

If you want to know how to lose weight and tone in 3 months it is important that you mark a routine or training plan. A fibrated and muscular body can only be achieved if you go to the gym and eat a nutritious and protein-rich diet. You should also reduce unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption because they give you toxins and empty calories, something that we should avoid to the maximum during these 3 months.

Therefore, to begin with this "set-up" you will have to follow a well-marked routine to work your entire body completely. As we have said, the ideal is that you go to the gym for 5 days in an interleaved way. In addition, the most advisable thing is that, in each visit, you dedicate time to work an area of ​​the body and, thus, allow the other to repair and musculate.

Here is an example of a good 3-month training plan that you can easily follow. It is just an example so you can adapt it to and customize it according to your condition or physical needs.

Routine 1: lower train + cardio

We begin this routine by working the muscles of the lower body train, that is, buttocks, legs and abdomen. Ideally, you perform 4 sets of 10 repetitions each. For the muscle to work, you have to feel the exercise, that is, it must cost you to do these series; If you barely make an effort, increase the weight. If the weight is too low you will not enter the process known as hypertrophy and, therefore, your body will not change.

Exercises to include in this routine:

    Specific machine for the abductor
    Machine for the hips
    Hip lift from the ground (to strengthen the buttocks)
    Exercise on tiptoe, to strengthen the twins
    Open and close the legs with a ribbon
    Abs: you will have to do both lower, upper and lateral abs. Devoting about 10 or 15 minutes to abdominal work is essential to strengthen the area well

After having worked the muscles, it is important to accelerate the burning of daily calories. To do this, nothing better than finishing the session by doing 20 or 30 minutes of cardio. Ideally, bet on a workout that intercalates different intensities to increase caloric burning. You can choose to make tape, elliptical or join a directed class, as you prefer!

Routine 2: upper train

To lose weight and tone in 3 months it is important to work the whole body. Many people fall into the error of focusing solely on strengthening the area of ​​the body they like least and this causes the body to look decompensated in the end and not see a real change. Therefore, it is essential that you work both the upper and lower muscles to get to see the change you really want.

As in the previous case, you will have to do 4 sessions of 10 repetitions with enough weight so that you feel that the body works. The exercises that you should include on this day are:

    Weights to strengthen the biceps
    Weights to strengthen the triceps
    Pectoral toning exercises
    Rowing to work the entire upper train
    Abdominal: you should devote enough time to the abdominals to strengthen the entire central area of ​​your body

Once you're done with the toning exercises, it's time to do the cardio. Ideally, as we have said, try intensity intervals because, well, your body burns more and consumes more fat. Dedicating 20 to 30 minutes after weights you will get a perfect workout.