Turning $0.01 Into $1,000 While Quarantined

Earn money online during Coronavirus

I'm gonna turn a penny into a thousand dollars while quarantine crazy I know the only things that I have access to are a phone and computer an internet connection and a dream you've seen me through an opinion to a thousand dollars while interacting with humans easy you've seen me survive on a penny for three days straight piece of cake but never have I ever done so without interacting with a human being at all it's not gonna be easy just for the record if we do end up making a thousand dollars:

I'm gonna be donating it to one of you guys who follow me on instagram a brian Trahan so all you have to do to enter the giveaway is follow me so best of luck there and wish me luck because this is gonna be the hardest thing I have ever done guaranteed let's do this can't believe I'm officially doing this starting right now I am locking myself in this room and I am not allowed to leave until I make $1000 from scratch so I started this challenge with all the get-rich-quick schemes I could think of something just to get the ball rolling surveys signup bonuses app referrals I even consider making a private snapchat dude what am i doing after an hour or so of absolutely nothing working and my net worth still being a penny I realized I need some advice I'm trying to figure out how to make some money and since I'm not allowed to interact with humans I need to figure out a way to interact with humans if you know what I mean I'm on omegle you guys know I can make some money I'm trying to figure out how to make some money you guys are no help yo hey hey I'm really trying to figure out how to make some dough we'll try to make some water okay yo you got vim oh I do what if I if I make you laugh you gotta pay me 50 cents okay what do you call a pinkie knows karate I don't know what porkchop 50 cents come on okay are you serious yeah oh my gosh you're a legend yeah is that Ryan Tran it might be big I swear to God Brian I love your video so I need some advice okay all right so how do I make some money online what are your options I'm asking you at this point I'm kind of in people for money 50 cents 25 cents venmo well there are some creeps out there so if you want to do that oh no I'm not gonna sell my body good don't ya you know you are you good you it is it actually you go I'm not Gordon Ramsay if that's what you think for some advice okay I'm trying to figure out how to make some money online paper sell toilet paper each rolls are $50 bro dude Morley I don't know if I could do that though you said you want $50 50 no 50 cents try to figure something out okay I need advice yeah trying to figure out how to make some money oh let's see even like 50 cents a dollar you know actually wait what's your YouTube I know you have a YouTube this is my name you just look it up on YouTube no I really yeah yo bro I doing good got to make some money me too bro me truth hey you know the grind is you who made that what the heck I just want you to know I am so desperate for this 50 cents right now and I just have not received it no every guy's gonna shoot me a dollar ha oh dude give me that thing man dude infected I'm not doing I'm good I'm quarantine come on just to be clear omegle was not a good idea no one sent me money by the way the only thing I received was a fresh lack of hope in humanity okay so I just made an up work account I honestly don't have any experience on this website but apparently I'm a graphic designer but I'm just gonna start asking if I can apply for these jobs what does this guy need a backdrop and logo for game show I don't even know how to do that dude $250 dude forget this YouTube thing I'm gonna be making some Bank on up work here we go if we can secure anything on up work will be challenged but realistically I don't know if we'll get any job offers considering I have no experience I continue to apply for absolutely every job I could especially the ones I'm not qualified for after a few gruesome hours someone finally replied no way let's go so when gave us an offer 60 bucks if I complete this dog flyer design a flyer for my dog walking business called Natalie's pup walking all right let's do this Natalie you're about to the most insane pub walking flyer in the world is anyone even needing the service right now I'm not asking questions in the meantime I think we I think we can do some work so Natalie gave me no instructions other than the fact that she was looking for a flyer say no more Natalie with that knowledge I did the only thing I could which was make the best dang flyer the world has ever seen might be the only flyer the world is ever is anyone even using flyers anymore beats me I don't know I'm getting paid regardless two hours later I have a flyer here I have no idea this is even considered good I'm not even sure if I'm gonna get money for this this would be so nice maybe she gets back to us tonight I don't know we still have one penny my net worth is still one penny I've been at this for three hours and I have not made any money this is embarrassing I'm getting a restless just save the least I need a new plan okay this point I don't know if I'm delusional or if this is literally the best idea ever you guys know how I have done multiple photoshopping celebrities videos I was trying to figure out like how can I use tick-tock or like social media the potential of virality to make money because this just isn't working I'm not trying to do surveys for the rest of my life in this room until I die and so what I thought I was trying to think tick-tock how could I go viral maybe I could like sell drop shipping items but that's boring and stupid and my little scammy so here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna provide a service where people DM me selfies of them with another friend and I Photoshop a celebrity next to them so basically people are gonna give me like five dollars ten dollars whatever do get a photoshopped photo of them with a celebrity and trick their friends I don't know this is gonna work at all I just made a tick-tock account with exactly zero followers and same with instagrams so we're starting from a salute scratch I don't know if this is gonna work but it is the best idea I have at this point so we are gonna try our best so I'll show you guys the first one we're starting with so this is my friend Brennan he's literally sitting on a couch with this guy took a selfie perfect situation of Photoshop someone so basically I'm gonna put...