Pinterest Traffic Strategy That Drives 100k Page Views Per Month

Course to be successful on Pinterest

We have a much requested video on pinterest training and the strategy that we used when we use telland we did come from using board booster which it worked really well it was kind of a said I forget it so you could save a ton of time doing that but unfortunately they got shut down from doing some sketchy stuff and so we're gonna go over our tail end strategy and kind of an overview on what it takes to be successful on Pinterest:

We definitely think it's the best social media platform to use as a new blogger and bloggers in general just to drive traffic it's a visual search engine compared to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram where you're kind of throwing your stuff at people hoping that they see it and they click through to it Pinterest like I said as a search engine so people are searching and looking for answers to their questions and their needs so you can kind of get in front of them that way which is a little less aggressive so I'm just going to go ahead and minimize this a little bit and get started with our training here so we're the savvy couple we have a Pinterest account that's getting close to 10,000 followers we've been blogging for a little over two years well it's probably two years in six months now and we've had some really good success we drive close to 100,000 pages a month we've had months where it's well over that and it's just a strategy that we've been using for quite some time and it kind of carries over to any type of strategy which I'll talk about in one second but just a forewarning any type of marketing whatsoever on any type of social media platform you need to have your own strategy your audience is gonna be different than mine and mine is different than other people's so just copying someone and their entire strategy is not gonna work for you you need to figure out who your avatar is who your audience is and how to speak to those people to really be successful at marketing so this is going to be like a general overview of what we do and you can kind of pick and choose which parts of it are going to work for you and see if you can find success but no one strategy is going to work for everyone not cookie cutter like that so I'm going to tell you the big old the big overall picture of Pinterest it really I'm a visual person so I made a really stupid he's paper here but it says Pinterest success at the top and all you need are good pins and good group boards they're good boards group boards tribes so good pins getting on to good engaged click throughs on boards that are relevant to the topic and we'll come back to that but basically making pins that people want to click through they're engaged with them right off the bat when you first start pinning them they're on relevant boards which depends on the topic and they're on group boards that are getting engagement and just any type of board is getting engagement and they're not just going onto a board and never getting seen or click-through and Pinterest is just going to devalue devalue that point a bit you want it the other way you want to once you pin it everyone likes it and they're pinning it and they're clicking through to it and it's getting tons of engagement that way Pinterest can help make it go viral by putting it in the search and just putting it in suggested topics and just keep that fire going when you get a viral pin but let's get started so the first thing I'm going to go over is our profile here as you know you gotta have rich pins turned on you should have a business account this is kind of a more advanced training than if you're just first getting started but you can get your let's see yeah I haven't done rich pins in forever but you should be oh yeah if you clean your website you should I'm pretty sure that's how you get the rich pins it's been 2 years so I'm not the best at what we did in the beginning here but make sure your account is all filled out it's correct you have a profile make sure that your title as you're naming it and what you do so when someone comes to your profile they know exactly who you are and what you do and write a little about loss protection make sure that it has keywords in it so we're a personal finance and lifestyle blog we help families manage their finances lifestyle freedom this is all stuff that we know that our readers search for so it's right in our profile and let's go to boards here we suggest having a best-of board right on your first board so that's like your your best on board so pins that go viral for you pins that are getting engagement articles that you're proud of all that type of stuff should be going to your best outboard now we used to pin all of our stuff to that but now we literally take it as it is it's our best outboard so we don't pin articles to that that never take off on Pinterest we don't pin pins that are ugly looking that's our best of best up pins and so we keep the virality score of that pretty high and then kind of your top five here you want to make sure that it's your most relevant topics that you talk about so we talked about making money and we talked about saving money managing money we talked about blogging and then we have our group board DIY money hacks here and then if you just keep going along you can tell each one of these boards has a nice cover photo that someone is gonna come and see and it's gonna appeal to them so I want to click through and learn more about I think it's very important to have good looking cover photos and we kind of organized these so now all our group words are at the bottom here as you can tell we are on a ton of group boards I spent probably close to 40 hours of work building relationships and getting onto those group ords we still see a lot of value in them and I'll show you that in our tailwind that some of the group words are absolutely killing it still um Pinterest has said that they're kind of devaluing group boards I haven't seen that yet so that's one of those things that your strategy is always going to constantly change and you're gonna have to shift and move and pivot but for now they're working for us I still think that it's worth reaching out to these group board owners creating relationships and requesting to get onto them but I'm gonna go ahead and click on like this one right make money so when you click on it anyone that's looking for making money ideas or money-making ideas they're going to see right away that that's what this board is about and we also talked about or we also have a nice description here that talks about making money sign hustling work from home jobs mic money online fast cash so you make a nice mic make a nice board description with all those keywords and kind of just keep it going like that I have noticed on this that this board looks pretty spammy which I need to fix but as you can tell you can pin the same pin to boards often this one's really bad I'm actually glad I picked this up so these should be spaced out far more and you shouldn't see the same type of pin on the same page like if you scroll down and it's fine to see it a couple times but this one's pretty bad which I need to go back through and fix but as you can see there were 24 clicks and 100 I'm sorry 24 repin 173 click throughs it's getting good impressions at 34 so all these have done pretty well I don't see any this one didn't do very well but yeah so back to just regular I'll talk about all that back to regular Pinterest boards so let's go slow and steady slow cooker meals slow cooker recipes dinnertime slow cooker recipes crock-pot recipes easy slow cooker recipes family meal so all key words that make sense in a nice board description that's gonna tell people exactly what the board is about remember Pinterest is a search engine so keywords are very very important and that's pretty much it so organize these put your best of stuff at the top so the stuff you talk about the most and you have the most content about put that at the top nice board descriptions nice profile descriptions and then organize it so it's nice and clean looking and things are together so like all of our personal finance stuff is in one and then we have home stuff then we have food so it's all like connected and close together and then I had like putting our group boards at the bottom so that's just a general overview of your Pinterest profile and how to make that work for you and now we're going to talk about creating good-looking pins so we use canva we've used it for a while you can also use PicMonkey you can use PowerPoint you can use publisher there's a bunch of different graphics design software's but we found that canva has worked best for us and kind of just an overview we like to our strategy with this we always have at least 5 Pinterest images to pin to Pinterest every time we write an article I'm way back we're like 10 articles behind on this so it does take time but I do think it's pretty important to make sure that you're giving your pins a chance to get seen in a chance to get repin and go viral the more the better and if you have an article that is like a mega article on how to budget and you know it's good quality content and it just seems to not be able to take off on Pinterest just you can always every couple of months try new pins train your descriptions and see if you can get that to take off but there's no harm in doing more than one pin per article it's actually suggested by Pinterest so we like to our strategy as we find two images that we really like that speak to our audience so this article right here was night jobs you can do from home for extra income so we're talking to stay-at-home moms stay on dads we're talking to families that work opposite shifts so stuff like that so we're talking to primarily female stay-at-home moms was our target which Pinterest if you don't know this already Pinterest is like 80% female users so your content needs to be geared towards the majority of the users so most of the time you're going to be creating pins that are beautiful very very colorful and just feminine they're gonna do much better than if you're making like manly looking pens so and that took me a while to learn how to do so we have a female here obviously with some paint her nail polish on her fingers she's working it looks like she's working on couch or bed and she's on the computer and we have nice big letters that are easy to read eight legitimate night jobs perfect for introverts perfect for stay-at-home mom so we're literally talking straight to our audience in our avatar is our stay-at-home moms so anyone that's looking for a night job or a side hustle and they're searching for this and it comes up they're gonna first see the image that's the first thing people are going to look at then they're gonna see this big eight and they're gonna keep reading and they're gonna finally get to stay home mom's and say oh I can relate to that and click through it so we like to find two images like I said so there's the first image and we have a second one this one didn't do very well I've tested it this one absolutely killed it so this one really stood out on Pinterest because it's all black so making your stuff stand out is good too and we just have the right wording so perfect for stay-at-home moms again earn money before Christmas stuff like that that's a totally different article don't worry about that one so we find our two images we usually do two images five different titles so I just put the two images on and we start writing out the art the headlines for each one so there's our we did six for this one but as you can see we made four with the first image and then two with the second and the base B's ones actually did better after testing we do use the co scheduler headline analyzer this is a really really nice tool I'll link it in the description but we basically for any article we write we try to come up with 10 to 20 headlines because a headline means absolutely everything if you have a bad headline and an excellent article and no one's going to click through to it that includes Google Pinterest Facebook Twitter any type of marketing you gotta have a click where the headline so making sure that you spend time to make a good headline that's click worthy is definitely important if you want some inspiration BuzzFeed is absolutely incredible and making click where the headlines that's what they've become so successful at so go to them just click around their website quite a bit and you can find them but the nice thing about this is these will save youdo you might need to make a profile I'm not sure so this one actually got a terrible headline score nightly choosing jobs okay [Music] choose me okay so much better but anytime you use these it's just gonna keep piling them up here so you can kind of see the score compare them against each other pick five that you like and printers talking pick five that you like and use those for the pins and then also pick the best one for the headline which obviously I need to change that the last thing here you one second alright so we have our five headlines we're going to use we're gonna create nice-looking pins here another thing too we have a whole video on making pins which you might want to go check that out I'm not gonna go too in depth on it but the rule of thirds so this image you're kind of pushing it over to the side so I could move it like that but we want to make sure there's room for the titles and lettering and make sure there's good...