Like no time where you been hustling baby you guys see the lifestyle man you see the stars you see what's going on it's too late out here man it's too light if it out here in LA slash Hollywood man so what's going on tap in tap in tap in I'm about to go ahead spark up you know what it is man we're gonna go ahead and play some of that old chimp cuz they like you know champ like yo so got off Bitcoin:

Shoutmon placed on my old shit you know I'm saying it was actually this was like one of my first lit a song so we can go ahead and uh go on our Bitcoin champion you can actually look at that on the screen right there so oh shit so I'm gonna play me a song from there and while we get to start him get everything going I know a lot of y'all been like yo ty where you been at Nick I've been hustling bro a lot of you I'm not living life like me it's like 2018 champ right here this 2018 champ yeah so a lot of people asked what my b4 IML is the motherfuckers try to steal from me and I've already I made a pact I've made a pact with myself that the bigger I got the more I would literally destroy that fucking company so once they stole bro niggas try to take my name and sell product in my name once they stop bro it was fucking over Brum like man let's smash these niggas so it's always gonna be fuck i market losers nigga on this side you feel me big chat bitch we bout to play that song right now that young chap right here and then about the mark-up my charts nigga that's see chess started up spot look at a pin let me see what you say what's my pot so Corona we bout to get it crackin right now hey where you guys section let me know he said is this life no nigger it's not live no stupid-ass questions easy call all right so that was some ship your boy chat back my old shit they gotta blow this new shit down let's get it I am mocap stars nigga fuck out of here so go a lot of people see him go Thunder into the downside you're like oh man wise go dropping why are metals dropping metal is dropping again and Marcus man jumping up and down like a booty club you know I'm saying anybody been to the strip club market jumping up and down like a booty club in this bitch so we looking at gold man just as a gold analysis I already had this kind of marked up just some like previous shit just being on trading new markets shit up so where we're at right now is just in the correction that's it you know I'm saying market drops and then it corrects so after every drop I'm gonna keep running this shit back after every drop there's always a correction and if it's a true down twin then it'll go make a lower low and then it's a correction do you feel me so right now as you guys see we're at that little correction pair you're like well what part of the pattern are we in right now boom right here drop basically at the at the higher low right if it's a higher low but I feel like go just because it's at a low price my nigga just because he said is the Rolls Royce the only car you got now I got like three weeks nigga it's the only one I drive from our daily dough you feel me suck shit but even if it was I mean goddamn it's the Rose rose bitch you ain't in it easy car but yeah so go man go I feel like gold will go ahead and just return I don't know if it's gonna go back to 1600 this week you feel me ya feel me but I do feel like gold is on this correction right now so the price is 15 29 right now which is pretty low for metals and gold and precious metals and stuff like that let me like I said just give me let me give you a history on what go truly means to America a lot of people are like you said the markets closed yeah it's close bro I don't I don't know what you guys what the fuck are you talking about horses closed Sunday right now it's gonna be open soon oh you want me oh you want me to give you signals all day that's it that's what you want you want some signals which one of y'all want signals stupid ass niggas think I'm out to get y'all free signals you stupid his fuck bro better stop playing with me nigga stop testing me y'all crazy and yeah the chat is in the way cuz the game the game got it like that finnaly when I do my game chat but I can move it back like this just so it's out of the way for y'all all right he said what up Terrence I'm from the villa - what's good nigga you said I tried trading Bitcoin over a weekend and lost 50 damn you trading you trading pull backs and thoughts on pull backs well it's not about trading the pullback they're just kind of knowing what the market is doing bro it's the market moves the same way every fucking day this flow of the market and a downtrend is boom and makes a lower low and then the lower high and then a lower low and then a lower high and then a lower low and then a lower high so you just have to figure out where you are in that little downtrend you feel me and I know it's squiggly and all that but let me show you something about these squiggly lines before you start oh that's Wiggly lines about the fucking show you about squiggly lines so there are numerous type of charts you can read they got bar graphs they got Japanese candlesticks they got hiking as she candlesticks but a very popular graph or charting period is this right here you see something that's called a line all right so you like oh man so the squiggly lines had to come from somewhere right so with the line chart this allows me to see the market a lot better than a lot of people if I go into my Japanese candlesticks it's literally it's it's like the tempo so I could use a line chart just to figure out what's going on where we're at you know saying but you fraud confusion all the time we go back to these regular candlesticks you feel me so like I said I feel like the markets on a correction right now I got an independent right here so I can delete this joint right here for you boom you're like why did you mark this 15:36 because for me that's gonna signal that reversal and it's gonna be a strong buy for me so when it hits this price like I wait for a market to go ahead and and hit his actual price and then that's when I move a lot of y'all move before the price because you want to be early I don't I don't mind about being early I like being right you feel me so the reason I'm more successful than the latter is because I've just been write more times than other people I beat you because you want to get in early our fucking ride the wave when a wave is waving baby you feel me so that's good so yeah we do we we do and we did see that drop to the potential downside on gold so like I said I showed you a part of the market is in right now so after every drop there's always a correction so if it keeps going up then that's a reversal all right so that's why I will wait until I get into this point before I do my heavy buys because I already know how gold moves I'm not I'm not tripping about how gold is moving you feel me so I'll wait tickets to 15 36 and do heavy bias at 15 13 this was an entry that I took last week you fill me under just to buy just shit cracking like that and then yeah some other shape so the quickest was like Friday's I'm sure you see do you think go to drop it's a possibility bro it's a possibility but I don't I'm not I'm not the guy who's the thinker bro you feel me a lot of you guys try to think and guesstimate the market I'll let the market tell me I read the book so before you start trying to think that you think it is putting emotion into the game and somebody out says something about you think the markets are efficient or driven by emotion it's always fucking driven by emotion people are emotional with their money people are emotional with how they're spending their money so the market will always be driven by money and emotion that's just a part of the game but like for me you know like I said I don't mind waiting I'm looking I'm the I'm the fucking Waverider bro oh I'm the surfer who will come to the morning early in the morning and sit in the fucking water and do nothing until I ride the way about one away until I ride the wave I want to ride but as a surfer how do you know and when that wave is coming you just fucking sit in the water and you've sat in the water so much you can feel that shit you're like oh shit this is the one you start seeing I should develop and then you just get ready and you go ride that joint you feel me so like I said if the if the retracement breaks the the if this if it's not if it's not a retracement you feel me and it's a reversal there 1536 I'm going along and I'm riding a shit out of his wife on the way back up just because gold is so low you know I'm saying but if it snaps underneath 15:13 already knows is it will continue down to the downside you feel me and that's just gonna be that so I go look at it daily that's the our chart so on the daily had this drawn up basically all this was is like a little support level you feel me so price did bust through but it's like at a retest period right now so Lil C was going up to a fucking harmonica in this shit so I'll be looking at different ways to read the market fill me it was signal reversal as well you feel me so that's why I mean it is what it is people got different ways to look at this joint it's like I got thirty different scopes I could put this shit through so when the market is moving my mind is literally putting the market from all these different scopes of checks and balances and shit like that you know I'm saying and that's that's where I'm able to move from so a lot of people ask well you know what's your strong point is because I mean I'm a con amidst at that so it just like I'm seeing shit different to other people I'm bringing in I'm bringing in what's going on in the world and I'm moving on what's going in the world yeah we will check up everything up we check everything out he says so I try your method but every time I see a pull back it despite the opposite direction I'll try to get in there and then it do the official pullback how do I avoid this mistake by waiting you sound like you're playing double dutch like you're trying to get into early you said you tried and go stocks Forex saw the same tell me trading this trading baby I'm trading you did hey guys I have I market loser traders I forever hate them niggas bro after like I said after they pulled out bullshit bro it's never the same bro you feel me there's gonna be like some East Coast West Coast shit but willing to fuck on this side I'm telling you I'm gonna stole from us bro so for stealing from us they will get fucking destroyed bro the whole company Christopher Terry fucking weak-ass monopoly money nigga anybody else false claiming that they me nigga we could we could listen a big champ nigga we turned us go champ 4x negative 8 in the YouTube right now stop playing on me take it fuck you talking about nigger I said nigga you niggas is on this year we want some other shit fuck y'all hey you hey call out your favorite peridot will suck call out your favorite peer I did shit like her 4x nigga hey call out show favorite peer we're gonna mark that joining our real quick so I started off with go I started off with go nigga now we're gonna move on now we're gonna move on what's the next joint what kind of gas is this this shit called Burberry so so Burberry big fat Jay Jimmy J Bao big is about finger okay you're gonna be badass J easy call let's let's get it what's the next shit though what's the next shit though GJ g you all right we could do some GU money we do some Great British Pound u.s. dollar so this the second pair we already cooked it and I'm moving fast this morning because one of the homies about to come through we got some she'll be working on so like I've been telling y'all man I got a lot of big shit poppin and for me a lot of big shit poppin so these are just entries I've been tagging you filming all week so we've been tagging this shit up GU still drop it right now and we still get dollar pressure I mean it is what it is let us see you like why'd you put a trendline there just so I can see where the market could potentially come all right so that's if it's not done dropping yet but right now it's still rich so I'm not a guesstimate err I'm not gonna be like oh man it's time to buy back up when I don't even know when this shit is just bleeding rig right now so right now if we break this joint down Great British Pound versus US dollar you feel me right now it's basically saying dollars trying to recover the dollars trying to recover in that market so that's why this pair is dropping you feel me because the dollars trying to recover me and dollar strong you feel me even though the a lot of people are like the dollar is weak but then I mean we got every covering the economy right now if you if you want to really look at the big picture the u.s. got this current well really the world got this coronavirus shit going on now and in a sense the people are given the money right back to the people who lost money how are we gonna get childr in the stores this shop niggas losing money it's something something has to happen so you can spin so I'm just saying you know something is happening and people are spinning you feel me so that is what it is something has happened and people are spending bro so you said daughters being crazy strong not really big a stock market crash a week ago or what was it a week ago then Bitcoin crashed and all type of crazy shit I'll type of shit is going on in the market right now you feel me but I mean basically that USD if you break this down this is the base currency right here distel quote currency you actually learned this on what's that website baby pips calm you feel me so right now just saying dollar got a lot of pressure going on which is why this fucking pair is thundering to the downside you feel me so until I mean whatever stops going on it seems like it can still come down to 121 I don't see any green right here I just see a lot of fucking big ass and golfing red candlestick softer like it could come down to 121 and then start as reversal who knows because everything it still has to poop if it's the true if it's a true downtrend it still has to do this part of the game drop that part a game now higher low as the part I mean that lower high as a part of the game and naturally you say me hey ty but I've looked at that disorder daily right now so I'm just showing you guys some daily shooting dose a so let's take this back okay y'all oh you know I behold about my fucking cost if you probably die notice undertone the way the camera off this guy's back I do up what a view of swag Achara OCD maybe like this say though gas is not if you holding that shit before I take it had me on the compilation just here so that's what's going on in this pair right now tell me have you been catching any Adamus we Frank buys any item shit and you at you everything been gone crazy right now you feel me she said interest rates will not be raised any time soon more cut or zero for citizen boy like me can you check Microsoft Bill Gates left he said Bill Gates did nothing hold it tight so enter cell at 126 40 this is 122 you said once when you six I don't know where you enter so about 126 that's like shit 500 comes away dog fuck you talking about okay so hey we may be breaking through those still to the downside this is on the five minute you feel me so I mean just on that big eyes daily channel that you see usually the game is don't boom I mean if anything jump in it broke out could be a frost break but look left it already smack throw support so if it keeps going to the downside and shit to keep going it's still red bro you kind of gotta read it for what it is you feel me I like I said I'm not taking estimates bro I'm just reading what what I am literally reading what this shit says right now you feel me so I'm not guessing Brown just reading it if it's different then it has to show me that bro you know I'm saying say safe aside he good this week bro I think we all did bro that fucking GU drop was crazy broke my gosh go drop crazy bro like a dope market middle oh yes indeed yes indeed a somebody they said Alexa plate and I mean coke shit I got cheating my god I gotcha I'm about to jot that joint right now what the jack that Jenny right now and I mean...