Make $12 Per Hour Searching Google

Make money with google

Make $12 an hour searching google is that even possible well I'm gonna give you guys all the details right on this video what's up guys big mark here thank you so much for coming back to my channel it is great to see here today you look fantastic there's something about you today that just sparkles and I'm so glad you're here because on this video:

I'm gonna show you how you can make $12 per hour searching Google by working at home and this is great for beginners okay now before that remember to subscribe to my channel right now because I come out with videos every single day that will show you how you can make money online how to work from home and how you guys can become an entrepreneur and if you guys would like to learn how to make a full time passive income right online okay this is what I'm doing if you want to make money while you sleep and while you're out on vacation and traveling well check out the link below in the description of this video right now and I will share with you some more information on how you can do that okay so let's go ahead and get into the video I'm gonna show you how you could become a search engine evaluator right on this video so it will be your job to determine the relevancy of pages based on a specific search term okay so let's go through this and I'm gonna show you step-by-step on how this works then what I'll do is I will show you the companies that will pay you for doing this alright so let's go ahead and get started here so I'm over on Google and once you are enrolled for the position you will be given a search term or query to search for okay so just as an example here I've already done a couple already just to test this out but let's just say you're searching for something like Pete's coffee and we got a coffee shop here called Pete's coffee so let's just type that in real quick okay so you can see that Pete's the company Pete's is the first is ranked at number one it's right on the top the search engines so to me that's very relevant okay let's go ahead and search for another one here all right something a little bit more complicated how to change and I've already done this so how to change gear box on a Triumph motorcycle now I don't really know much about motorcycles but that's something a little bit complicated to do now what I'm going to do is I'm you know people are looking for clear instructions on how to do things it must be accurate and easy to follow alright so what you're gonna do is you're gonna come through here and look at the different web pages what do we got here we got a Triumph rat net this is uh changing the trim transmission oil I don't know if that's really gonna give me exactly the step-by-step instructions on what I'm looking for let's go ahead and look at another one here transmission oil for a 1972 Triumph motorcycle that's not really relevant video triumph transmission needed bearing to install hmm that might be relevant okay so when you guys arrive at these pages make sure it's of interest to the user and ask yourself does it provide the information that the users looking for yes or no and make a note of it alright so let's go ahead and go over to another search term here something a little bit more simple so I can show you what irrelevant what relevant results look like okay so how to make a paper airplane okay there we go very basic boom right away I have results in a website that's going to show me step-by-step on how to put together a paper airplane so in this case this is really relevant okay I'm getting clear instructions here on exactly what to do so I like the results for that and just for fun let's just do one more here how to change cranks on a mongoose tie x29 pro this is a bicycle okay and the cranks are those things that you turn with your hands and so I want to find instructions on how I can replace those so looking at the results here I see a video and if I click on that video let's see what that says this looks like a video that shows you how to how to remove square taper cranks on a mountain bike I don't see any mention of Mongoose must be pretty general that might work that might be valuable mangas Thai x29 Pro need help with Mongoose cranks another forum link here but I really don't see anything giving me step-by-step instructions to show me exactly how to do that okay so what you guys are going to do next is you're going to rate the width the websites ranked on Google for it that search term if I said that right so rate the pages from one to five based on the results for an example number five that would be you find the page most relevant number four very relevant number three and relevant and number two slightly relevant and number one irrelevant okay so into your rating and move on to the next search term okay it's that easy now what if you haven't heard of the query or you don't understand it well that's okay then just take some time and do your research online just searching for the query will help you understand the term and what the user wants okay now so who is going to pay you for doing this who's going to pay you well one of the companies is called lion bridge com now they just updated their website it looks amazing with the fresh new design and so the company is really growing here now if you join this company and become an evaluator yogurt you're gonna earn 12 bucks an hour for doing this okay and they will give you 20 hour 20 working hours per week which comes out to be somewhere around nine hundred and sixty bucks per month okay that's going to pay some bills guys all right so if you want more hours with you...