How to make $5,000 PER WEEK from home during Corona Virus 2020

Earn money online during Coronavirus

So so look guys look I appreciate you all okay and we're gonna be talking about you so what we're going to be talking about I'm going to be just totally transparent with you I'm going to tell you a little bit about Who I am a little bit about my backstory about what we're doing right now in about in the last two weeks we started a very very behind the curtain testing of an idea:

 okay of something that is is literally revolutionized in not only direct sales but three industries right now which is direct sales affiliate marketing and network marketing okay so and it's it's it's just it blows my mind I've been in line for 11 years and I haven't seen anything like it before yes in terms of like the excitement of the in the marketplace in terms of like people getting on the vision virtually every single big guru name marker that you know they're jumping on this then you're complete newbies right they're calling this the dream the dream system which I'm going to show you so I'm gonna paint dinner I'm going to basically explain to you what we're doing I'm gonna explain to you the matching millions you know how you can earn up to a hundred thousand cash bonus up ten million dollars in cash bonus how it's very very attainable for everybody okay and explain to you how you can potentially do that and explain to you this this concept right here which is really really cool okay if this is you okay can you guys see this whiteboard okay is black marker good we're going to go quickly okay so if you are taking notes take notes take a lot of notes stay with me be present here because this webinar it's creating history what we've only done you know a few of these literally like maybe four total okay over the last two weeks already generated collectively over like 1.3 million dollars just inviting a handful of people okay not a lot if we haven't gone mainstream with it but it's crazy you guys okay okay but here's the here's a crazy idea this is you okay how awesome would it be to have multiple streams of income coming in to you okay from multiple different directions immediately at least two or three probably within the next few months probably ten or more okay now here's the kicker all of these income streams are coming in to you what's called systematically okay write this down if you're writing things down write this down systems work people fail okay now I understand the dynamics okay coo coo coo eighty-four percent well I'm looking at you guys's comments here anyone listening to Vick or we're just type in a way okay so you guys can actually type and listen to me at the same time I'm actually you know I'm going to glance at the comment from time to time just wanted to make sure that you stay with me but what I'm going to show you tonight okay if you haven't seen this before I know some of you guys might be seeing this you know over and over again because you guys are like so excited some people have literally watched what I'm explaining like four times okay and and it never gets old to them they're still coming back because every time they watch it they pick up and nugget or two okay so if you're a marketer if you have been online for you know any period of time I don't care if you've been online for twenty years you know or just got started yesterday you will have million-dollar ideas and lessons that you can take from tonight's webinar regardless if you decide to run with us or not regardless you know if you if you're marketing whatever you have million-dollar ideas that you can apply to your business it's going to take your business to another level immediately if you if you apply them if you decide to run with us it will change the landscaping of your entire business model okay so check it out the coolest part about what I'm going to show you here this thing called systems work people fail okay the reason most people are failing in the industry okay the reason most people we surveyed people all the time and overwhelming majority of people failing this single error there was actually a few reasons we're going to talk about it but one of the biggest reasons is because if this guy is a newbie okay he has very little marketing experience he has you know he never done marketing before he doesn't really understand all the ins and outs and system creations and Shaq is talking to you about you know the reason for our success is systems right we you know we use systems to sell you know guys who know what they're doing they know the big players they have coal centers they're closing people sales for them and this and this right but this little guy right here he just starts starting out he has a big desire just like a lot of us right but how do you succeed online well you succeed online by having confidence right you succeed online by doing this I'm looking at you right now then I'm talking to you very very confident I got no problem talking to one person or talking to 5,000 people or 500,000 people okay that's how you really breakthrough online now how did I give this guy from where he is that just timid getting started and ultimately right being able to just Noby himself as a marketer because money follows confidence write this down money follows confidence okay very very important concept money follows confidence if you want a lot of money if you want a lot of money to follow you you've got to improve your confidence okay as a person as a marketer okay so so so that's very important now the question is is how do I get this guy to succeed long-term how do I take this guy and help him succeed long-term he wants something how do I help him get it the only way I can help him get it is if I can do it for him initially okay while teaching him how to do that by himself so that if I got four big that yet you know hit by a bus or whatever or something happen if I'm not around he understands how to do this long-term anybody like that idea okay anybody like that idea he does need to buy he needs to buy traffic but Hugh by is traffic doing what everybody else is doing he's not going to succeed okay so what I'm going to show you right now you guys is this how you can be a complete newbie if you know a little bit about marketing man you can go out there you can make you know you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars probably Millions okay with this concept if you are a complete newbie how can I take you how can I set you up with multiple streams of passive income okay and the bigger kick the biggest kicker here is how do I remove the human component from the sales process and get you paid like this okay every single time sound sense now as you're getting paid I'm teaching you exactly what you need to do to become a 4% or in the earning your game to literally step up your game and command right command income on demand you guys like that systems work people fail to do my you got okay so check it out so sense that experience right you know I create a high traffic Academy later people like how do we get traffic so we create a high traffic Academy this is 2011 you know from 2011 to 2012 people learned a lot of that traffic but then people are like okay what do we promote right what do we promote and so I went on a hunt and I was I was looking for I was looking for a program because I'm like okay would that be fast start in my career what I was promoting a high tech well not really a high ticket it was a higher ticket program you know paid me a 2000 bucks so if I could replicate that right but I'm looking for a company that could you know I could get myself aligned with any of you guys some of you guys know this right but this whole concept of this bucket concept how do i how do I help how do you go how do you go from you know little money to big money fast okay how do you go from little money to big money fast tell me right now okay tell me everybody right here tell me what is your income goal per month what are you shooting for on a monthly basis where do you want to be at per month in income tell me throw me your number what is what is that number for you okay what is that number because we're gonna I'm gonna show you guys a concept and then I'm going to you know reveal to you a system that what we have done it's going to blow your your way some of you might not sleep for the next three days I promise you so if you're in the UK you know get yourself like a gallon of coffee or something because you're going to be okay 50k 5,000 10,000 quit my job okay Sam got it can 20,000 30,000 2k 2015 ten thousand fifteen five thousand twenty okay a million okay somebody's a big dreamer right monthly 20k 200,000 love...