Creating A $50,000/month Shopify Dropshipping Store

Shopify Dropshipping Store

What's good everybody welcome back to another video and in today's video I'm gonna walk you guys through the entire process from complete scratch and how I build and create all of my personal Shopify dropshipping stores:

So I recommend all you guys do right now is go to your own Shopify store a login to your store and make adjustments to your store as I do in this video because like I said I'm gonna walk us through the entire process of how I built all of my shop 5 drop shipping stores and before we dive into the process of me building la new Josh Mays store I wanna let you guys know that the Joshua be mastering program is now 50% off until this Monday I've been seeing countless comments and emails asking me to lower the price of my jaw shipping program so I went ahead and did that for you guys like I said if you guys want it it's gonna be the first link down below description of this video it's gonna be 50% off until this Monday so if you guys want to get advantage of the discount then I recommend you get into the program and once again it's the first link down below in the description of this video so with that being said let's go ahead and dive into the process of how I create all of my Shopify drop shipping stores so let's begin okay so I just created this brand new store so the first thing I always do is I switch over from the regular debut theme I switch it over to the Brooklyn theme which is a free theme and in my opinion it's the best free theme on Shopify so in order to switch the theme you want to go down to the online store and then go down to free themes right here and click on explore free free themes and you want to select the Brooklyn theme which is which will be right here and you want to select classic because it looks the best it looks really clean really professional so add that to the theme library and then the next thing you want to do is click on actions and you want to publish this as the main theme so whenever somebody goes to your website they will see the Brooklyn theme as on your website okay so next thing I do is I go to customize and I begin to edit the whole entire website what I do is I always edit my websites on the mobile version I don't really do desktop because most of my traffic pretty much all my traffic is coming from mobile because of doing Skrim influence of marketing and when I target on Facebook I'm only targeting people on mobile devices so that's why I edit on a mobile version so first thing I do is I go ahead and I ready to go into the second slideshow so you click on this alright you go down to the bottom and then click remove content I'm gonna try to go as fast okay I'm gonna try to take this slow but remove the first slide okay and then I get rid of everything right here so rich text removes section collection list remove section feature collection remove section and then the only thing left should be the newsletter and we're gonna add more stuff for the homepage but this is what I do when I first get started okay so only the newsletter should be on here and what I put in a newsletter is pretty much the same thing for all my stores because I find you know I find it out or I figured out that this works the best with all my stores so well I paste that in right there so go ahead and pause the video and type that into your own store if you want so boom there it is and then for the heading I type in want discounts with the question mark make sure this is capitalized boom and that is what I do for the newsletter and then actually want to do is we're gonna go we're gonna click Add section we're gonna add a featured product alright and I already have a product on here just a random product I found it actually used to be a really hot product like a year ago I don't I'm not too sure how it's doing now so bull move this up okay so now the featured product should be the first content okay so it should be above the newsletter alright so the next thing I start to work on is the slide show okay and the slide show is just the big picture right to begin in a store right and the first thing I do is I go to pixels calm which is a free photo website where you can get a bunch of free images kept right free images and use them on your own shelf life stores without worrying about getting sued or anything like that so once again the website that I'm using is called pixels it's right here PE X Els calm and with this store it's gonna be a one product store okay I forgot to mention that earlier in the video but this is going to be a one product store which is what I pretty much do for all my stores okay I have the most success with one product stores so we're gonna focus the whole entire store around this this product right here okay so it's gonna be kind of like a relationship kind of store like a couple store okay so we're gonna focus on that I'm pretty much gonna be building a brand around this one product alright so for on pixels we're gonna be looking for a a photo that represents our products so a relationship kind of product a love product a romantic product stuff like that so we're gonna look for a picture on here only like I said all these images on here are free copyright free images so yeah and they're really high-quality as well which is really good so um I really like this one because it's gonna it's gonna look perfect on mobile so I'm gonna go and save this real quick and then in order to add it the picture to the slideshow you want to click on slide right here and then you want to click on select image select your image and it should look really good yeah it looks perfect on mobile on desktop it doesn't look the best but like I said pretty much like 99% my traffic is coming from mobile so I really don't care about the desktop version how it looks so go and save that so it looks really good right and the next thing that I do is I'll kind of change the overlay capacity and then I'll kind of do like 35 or sometimes I'll do 50 just kind of depends on how it looks 50 is kind of kind of too dark so I think I'm gonna go up 35 usually do 25 35 or 50 25 looks good so next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get rid of the hero banner or the heading grid of that and the only thing I usually keep is this small text right here the subheading text because I think it looks a lot better than having a huge heading text right at the beginning of the write on the on the page I'm gonna just put our product there so for example we have the D I love you necklace so I'm gonna go and put that right right at the for the subheading boom so there we go now we have that text right there which is our main product right that's what the whole store is focused around it that's one product so we're gonna put so now we have the button label right we're gonna go just it's super simple to go to products boom and now you have the button label right there and you can change the button label to whatever you want I usually do buy now or get yours here so I'm gonna switch that over to by now or by here I mean by here um and then save that so now it looks really good right and then make sure that the button label is completely blacked out which it is okay so now if we click on this alright it's gonna take us to the product page alright and then yeah so we've got to go back to the home page and then what else so we have pretty much we have like the most like the big stuff done alright it's super simple the next thing I take care of is I start to do the theme settings alright so the colors the fonts the cart page the checkout everything like that so for the colors right for all my stories okay literally all my stories that I have I do a very simple color scheme and I use three colors and the color scheme that I always go with is black white and then a third color so black white and blue black white red black white green you know what I mean so so whatever your logo color is going to be that's going to be your third color so for our logo color I don't have logo for the store but if our logo had blue in it then our main colors for the store would be black white and blue so I'm gonna act like our logo has blue in it so our third or our you know our brand color is going to be blue and more specifically of what blue I'm going to be using I'm going to be using Dodger blue because I think it's the best-looking blue out there so both that's a color code right there for Dodger blue alright or actually for the headings oh alright for the headings you want to make this black alright body text black line color make this year third color okay so our third color is blue buttons label keep that white buttons make that your brand color and then links and accents make that your brand color as well cell tags make it blue product background keep that white form fields white newsletter tables and backgrounds whatever keep that white as well for background the drawers the jar is to pull that bar right here so for background I make this white for the text I make this black and then the line lines and borders I make this our brand color which is blue and then buttons I make this blue as well and there's no blends on here right now but um the will be oh there will be a search bar up here which I'm going to add it in a second so that is the color scheme that I use for literally all my stores all right black white and then the third color so our third curves blue so these are all the like all the changes that we make to the colors right here you can take a picture of that or whatever but boom there it is all right now we have fonts okay and for the fonts I use two different fonts but for each store I use one font for the whole entire store so I either use lotto or monster on I like a lotto a lot because you come a lot of apps support lotto the font so your whole your whole store be congruent with that font really good and then also at checkout you can't use Montserrat for the font but you can use lotto which is why I like a lot a lot because pretty much every app in every aspect of shelf life allows the font lotto so I use a lot o for the font then for the accent text I also use lotto as well don't type that in alright and then go down a little bit to body text and I also make this lotto as well so select that and then for the base size I just do 15 because I think it looks better and then boom save that so that is the fonts very simple and then for the cart page one simple fix you want to change this from jar you want to change it to page all right and then you can enable order notes or not I typically don't enable order notes anymore and therefore social media obviously whatever you're on Instagram Facebook is whatever put that links in for there and then for the favicon the favicon is basically this thing right up here this little image up here so I don't have a favicon but make sure you you go and implement that into your store it's a little super super little detail but um you know helps out a little bit so that's what a favicon is it M for check out all right this is this is pretty important right here so if you do have a logo okay if you have a logo you want to add to your logo right here and the custom the custom image section so don't put your logo in the banner okay put your logo in the logo section all right some people mess up and put it in the banner and it looks terrible all right make sure you implement your logo right here all right so I don't have a logo so I'm not gonna put that in there but if you do have a logo make sure you do that all right and then go down go all the way down to the bottom and then for for the fonts like I said want to change it a lot oh so change those both the lotto alright and for the colors on the checkout page for the accents that make it our own our third color which is blue for the buttons I also make it our third color and then for the errors I just make this completely red and yeah go and save that so that is the theme settings section of the store super simple stuff just make sure you guys are following along as like go and yeah so that's the theme settings the next you want to go and take care of is the header alright and the header is uh pretty much just like this stuff up here like the level and above all right so first off obviously make sure you put your logo in there and I recommend everybody to have a logo on their store it's really really really important because if you don't have a logo on your store your...