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Well the very first thing you must do is go right over to welcome back guys my name is big mark I create videos that show people how to make money online and if you subscribe right now I will send you a notification and an update whenever I create a new video so you don't miss anything if you stay towards the end on this video I'm gonna share with you a bonus that will allow you to make even more money right on line warning results are not typical please use this at your own risk you may only earn fifty dollars a day or maybe even just a hundred dollars a day on YouTube so please be careful before you proceed watch every second of this video and if you do you'll learn how to make money on autopilot by the end of this video and exactly how to earn between 100 to 300 dollars a day on autopilot and how to make sure you have a consistent daily income coming in it's no secret that YouTube pays out millions of dollars to its content creators it's the second largest website in the world and the average viewer spends 40 minutes a day watching videos in a few seconds I'll be showing you how to rake in a portion of all that money just by following a few simple steps right on this video and yes this is a hundred percent free and you can start today just think about the new lifestyle you will have sitting at home making money on the internet and having total freedom to go and do whatever you want all this and more is starting right now so let's go ahead and begin you can earn between 100 and 200 even up to three hundred dollars a day right on YouTube and you can do all of this by simply just copy and pasting right on your computer I'm gonna walk you through everything step by step so first let's go over to this website it's called pixels now what we're going to be doing is we're going to be copying the different videos right on this website and we're going to use this to create other videos but don't worry all of the content that we're gonna be using on this tutorial is going to be copyright free so you don't have to worry about getting demonetised or run into any legal issues or anything like that we're also going to use YouTube's audio library which contains thousands of different audio files and music that you can use right on your video all copyright free it's no surprise that inspirational and motivational type videos on YouTube get thousands and even millions of views every single day the creators of these videos are earning upwards to thousands of dollars every single day and I'm gonna show you guys how you can do the same looking over on social blade for the Mulligan Brothers here you can see that they're earning anywhere from twenty to thirty thousand dollars a month just by making these videos and that's just a low estimation they're probably making much more than that you can see that they're getting thousands of subscribers every single day they have 200,000 or more views every single day right on their video well that translates into a lot of money with Google Adsense revenue I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to do this so let's just jump in and begin so the very first place that you guys are gonna want to go to is pixels so this is over at PE X Els dot-com now this is a huge stock photo and video website you can download as many files that you want you can use them any way that you wish and it's a hundred percent copy right free so you don't have to worry about any issues about getting demonetised or any kind of legal issues or anything like that you guys can just come over here and simply enter in a keyword and then search and you guys can just find some very very high quality photos and videos to use right on your videos so to start this off what I'm gonna do is just come over here and I've typed in the keyword drone footage since that is how a lot of people resonate with freedom you know showing different scaped showing the water showing the beach and different things like that you can type in walks on the beach you can have people doing that but some of these are really really cool backgrounds and different landscapes you know going through different roads and trees and stuff and it just emphasizes that feel of freedom which is what I really really like so these are really really cool and high-quality HD videos that you guys can download all you have to do is just click on one of the videos it'll open up a new window and then all you have to do is click on free download that will download it directly to your hard drive it's that simple as a matter of fact you don't even need to have an account and you guys can download this content it's pretty cool so after you guys have went through here and you've gathered together some of your videos that you want to use or maybe you want to do like a weightlifting video I know there's a lot of motivational and inspirational videos out there for weightlifting or working out and those types of things oh this is super super popular so you can type in here weightlifting and then scroll through here and look at some different workout videos if you guys want to use some of these just click on the videos come up here to the top right simply click on free download and you guys are good to go it's super super simple so now once you've gathered together the content that you want to use free of charge then what you also want is some music some inspirational music that you can get over here at the YouTube audio library so what I've done here is I've typed in the keyword motivation or you can also type in like inspirational or something like that and I've chosen to go with more of like a cinematic feel or scene so I wanted to just select cinematic from the category drop-down box right here and then when I did that I got a pretty good selection of different files to choose from there's one here that really stood out to me it's it's named please as the name of it and so let's go ahead and listen to that back real quick so it's got a nice uplifting feel to it yeah I really like that so it starts off a little mellow and then it builds over time [Music] okay so when you guys find the audio files and the music that you want to use then just come over here to the right and click on this little arrow pointing down and that will download that file directly to your hard drive again you guys don't have to worry about any copyright issues or anything this is coming directly from YouTube they've you know they provided all of these files here for you guys to use so you shouldn't have any problems now here is the next thing as most of you might have known when it comes to the inspirational type videos usually there is a spoken word there is a voice behind these videos you know that are used for you know inspiring people give them inspiration usually it's things about mindset and success and you know maybe how to get rich how to have a better lifestyle how to have financial freedom and and what it really takes a lot of it is from very successful people and so you're probably wondering well where the heck am I going to get that and how am I gonna get that and how is it going to be where I don't have any problems with copyright well here's one place that you guys can go it's over here at the Internet Archive all right this is a huge database of a whole bunch of different files audio files video files software images and books there's just millions of different files on this website and about 90% of it is copyright free so the first step is to come right up here and click on audio because we're gonna be looking for that spoken word something that we can place over our video so people can listen to it maybe when they're working out you know they're going on I know sometimes I go for walks outside in the morning and I like to listen to motivational stuff while I'm walking and looking around at nature and so let's do this click on audio and then come right over here where it says audio books and poetry right here go ahead and click on that that'll bring you over to this page now there's quite a few different items here to choose from now we want to focus just on audio so let's try to figure out what do we really want to look for here well let's just say this is like a motivational type thing maybe you're talking about you know how to get rich a lot of people are they want success they listen to these motivational videos because they just want more out of life you know even if it's it could be something about mindset emotional support it could be a financial gain or some like that so let's come over here and type in getting rich and see what we have now you guys can type in any word that you want I'm just using this just for fun just to give you an example on what this looks like but as soon as you see results just make sure to sort by audio down here where it says the media type go ahead and put a little check mark right in audio and that'll sort it just for the audiobooks and then what you can do from here you can pick one out so let's go ahead and choose this one it says the science of getting rich let's go ahead and click on that and you can see right down here that this title is public domain and it also says CC well that means Creative Commons so you guys are going to be free to use the...