This Is How Much YouTube Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Video

So it recently occurred to me that the general public has no accurate concept of how much youtubers make from the ads placed on their videos how much do you think a video that gets a million views how much do you think it earns how much money do you look at your Adsense that often a video hits a million views:

How much do you think it would make probably like three thousand dollars I asked everyone on Instagram how much they think a million views earns on YouTube and the answers were really all over the map we've got a lot of people saying a thousand dollars some people say two hundred dollars three hundred thousand five thousand really look at these you guys it's all over the map from a hundred dollars so the thirty thousand dollars people seem to have no clue how much youtubers make and today I'm gonna expose exactly how much a million views can make you from a YouTube video so here's the interesting thing about making money on YouTube you can have several different videos with a million views that make very different amounts so generally what I found to be the case on a video with a million views is that it makes about two thousand dollars that's just what I think is the average and this is for a video that's under 10 minutes long is monetized and doesn't have anything really like inappropriate in it because if it's not family-friendly as YouTube considers it you're pretty much making nothing so let's take this video for example gymnastics then versus now it got 1.3 million views and we can see it earned about two thousand dollars so have this video only gotten a million views it only would have made like fourteen hundred dollars let's take a look at another one so this video has 2.2 million views so I know what you guys are thinking you're like alright this one probably made like four grand you guys are gonna be shocked at how much this made because I was so this video two point two million views it only made seven hundred and forty three dollars seven hundred forty three dollars why is that you think well let's let's see here so the reason for this is this video is pretty short so it's only running one commercial pre-roll ad the real reason this video didn't earn that much money it's because most of the views are actually from outside the US so you earn different amounts of money based on where your viewer is from kind of weird I know but it's just based on what advertisers pay you also earn a different amount based on the age of your viewers so when we really dive into what's going on here we see that the CPM for this video was a dollar and 60 cents which is really pretty low your CPM is the amount that you earn per 1000 views on a video so basically if you have a $1 CPM and you get a million views you earned a thousand dollars YouTube actually takes half of that so really I only earned 50 cents per thousand views like that is super low we can see actually that most of the views were from India and the CPM there is only about a dollar and 15 cents compared to in the US it was about $4 per 1000 viewers from the US there was also a lot of viewers from the Philippines on this video that also had a lower ad rate this was so unexpected because most of time my videos are just viewers from the US Canada Australia so I was shocked by this and thought it was really fascinating so like I talked about location is a big factor in the CPM of your video but it's not only that it's also the topic of your video if your video is family-friendly the age of your viewer viewers that are older tend to pay a little better it's simply because those people just clicking on more ads buying more stuff so for a while I thought this was the cap for my channel I would get between 1 and 2 million views a month and the Adsense portion of my channel earned between 2 and 4 thousand dollars Adsense really wasn't even my main form of revenue I didn't even look at it that much and I thought that was pretty much the standard until one day I uploaded one video that blew the rest of these out of the water and it was this video about the CEO sent bird in this next one I'm going to show you guys I think it's gonna shock you because it shocked me but in a good way this time so I made this video about the CEO of cent burn I just made it because I thought it'd be a cool video I didn't really think it was gonna earn me that much at all like I really didn't and at first the video barely got any views but then over time and just started getting more and more I'm not really sure how it happened I'm not kidding after the first day the video only had like 8,000 views for my channel that is really not good so I'm thinking like whatever this video is a flop I guess no one really wants to watch it I think it's cool but hey you know try again next week then the video kind of just started to pick up speed randomly you know the YouTube algorithm just doing its thing but now it's at 370 thousand views so based on our math before we would think that'd be like seven hundred dollars maybe maybe more maybe less take a look at this it earned $3,000 when I saw this I was like what why the CPM of this video was a whopping about $18 that's insanely high for my channel it's just crazy that this video got six times as many views but made a third as much as the other one so this really goes to show that making money on YouTube is not all about views it's also about the watch time of your video how long your video is who is watching your video what location they're in all these different factors come into play but you really don't need to be getting like 10 million plus views a month to be making a living on YouTube you can get a lot less views and make more than someone who's getting 10 million views a month which is insane and something I didn't realize for years so this begs the question I'm sure you all are wondering how how can you make more on YouTube I kind of figured it out so for the past month I've been doing an experiment with my channel and I actually ended up making about three times as much as my January earnings so we can see in January my channel made seventeen hundred and six dollars and in the past 28 days it's made 6085 from just this one thing I started doing and I wasn't getting three times as many views it had nothing really to do with the amount of views I only got four hundred thousand more views are you ready do you guys wanna know what it is okay first you have to watch this ad I know that was cruel I'm sorry but it will make sense in a second the thing I did that ended up earning me three times as much was making videos over ten minutes long a couple years ago YouTube rolled out with feature that when your video is over ten minutes long you can add multiple ads to that video so you can add as many ads as you want actually I get threw in an ad every 30 seconds but no one's gonna watch that that's ridiculous so I started adding two ads to the middle of my videos and it's insane it made a huge difference and I don't say any of this to brag I really am just saying it so if your youtuber you know that this is an option that you have a way that you can increase your revenue and the videos I made I can pretty easily make them 10 minutes long like I...