I make $ 250 / day With Free Pinterest Traffic ★★★★☆ 7833:

Hey come here, come closer! Just look at this number. How do you like it? This is my ad income from just one blog just one day and 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest for free yes you heard me right I'm driving tons of free Pinterest traffic to my blogs and I monetize it with Mediavine ads primarily. But I have other monetization strategies as well and I'll tell you all about them in this video.

 Hi, I am Anastasia of AnastasiaBlogger.com. I am a Pinterest marketing expert and from this video you will know how I made over $8,000 in monthly income online mainly thanks to Pinterest traffic. At the end of the video you can get a link to my printable Checklist that will show you even more details about monetization of Pinterest traffic. So stay tuned! Just a few quick facts before we dive into all the details. So far, with Pinterest traffic I made a maximum of $250 a day from one of my blogs using Mediavine ads in my best monthly online income. So far, I made over $8300 totally thanks to Pinterest traffic. On my best traffic day I've got over 13,000 users on one of my blogs and it was of course thanks to a viral pin. And my best months the traffic on one of my blogs exceeded 300,000 pageviews. So these are some numbers which will give you a quick idea about the importance of Pinterest traffic for my online income and now let's look at all the details. These are the main ways Pinterest helps me make money with my blogs. First is advertising I already mentioned I use Mediavine company for ads. The second way is affiliate marketing in the articles and posts which get traffic mainly from Pinterest and the third way is by selling my own products. Tt could be printables and it could be courses. So far, I just have these two types of products. I will talk about all these monetization strategies in detail in in this video but for now, just a side note that there is also another method which I honestly don't use much so I will not cover it in in this video in detail but it's worth mentioning here that you can also do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without even having your own website or blog. So all you have to do is add affiliate links directly to the pins. These links have to go to the offers you want to promote on Pinterest of course, with a proper disclosure on every pin. So Pinterest just asks us to have a disclosure like this: #add, for example or #sponsored . Now here are some of the reasons I recommend focusing on Pinterest for traffic generation. If you plan to make money with ads on your website, Pinterest traffic works great for monetization through ad companies like Mediavine or Adthrive or maybe Monumetric. These companies pay three times, sometimes even ten times better than Google Adsense. So you want to try to get to the minimum requirements these companies have. For example, Mediavine has the minimum requirement of 25,000 monthly sessions and when you get to this number, you also need to have about 80 percent of users from the United States. That's one of the requirements otherwise these companies are not really interested. Because their advertisers are not really interested in working with websites which don't get the majority of traffic from users in the United States. So Pinterest is really helpful in this because as you probably know Pinterest is particularly popular in the United States and Canada as well so that means that if you are successful on Pinterest ,it will give you a great free traffic source exactly from the countries which are the best for ad monetization of your website. And the second reason is that ad income is usually the very first option beginner bloggers think of for monetization of their website because anything else like selling your your own products and even affiliate marketing... all these options look more advanced for them and Pinterest is the only platform which allows you start getting traffic almost immediately. Like you you you can easily get the required twenty five thousand monthly sessions with Pinterest in a matter of months maybe three to five four to six months but from Google it's almost impossible for a new blogger because of the competition and the so called sandbox Google has this filter that keeps the all the new sites away from the top Google search results, right? At the same time, nothing stops a new blogger from getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest and so you can get the minimum requirement and start monetizing your blog with Mediavine in a matter of months. Really, I have several examples of my own students I have their videos here on YouTube channel showing you how people do it and some of them you can check on on my landing page for my course... some of the reviews the testimonials and you can actually see that people can achieve this in a matter of months. I mentioned that you can publish pins with direct affiliate links but I'm not a big fan of this method so I don't think that pins with a hashtag #ad, for example, can ever get viral and drive a lot of traffic. I haven't personally seen any example of this. On the other hand, if you invest a little more time into marketing in the affiliate product or offer by creating content around it, if you write a blog post or make a video on Youtube and then link... you know that you don't have to all only create blog posts you can also have a YouTube channel by the way and link