How to Make Pins for Pinterest That Go Viral

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We're going to talk about what viral means what makes a great pen and a bad one stock photography and how to create stunning pens that stand above the rest on Pinterest so what does viral means it means extremely popular content that generates a lot of organic traffic:

Think cat videos on Facebook or those videos where people are are taking their kids to the dentist and recording them after they have laughing gasps those videos that are on Facebook they're usually funny and they go they get millions of views in one day just just they just take off you can kind of think out of control because these videos and the same as Pinterest content that goes viral the more it gets liked and shared the more that platform continues to show it to others so this works on Facebook and just the same as it does on Pinterest when something sort of picks up steam and gets more and more popular Pinterest will continue to show it more and more so it basically it just builds on the on on each other and and I call it vaio control because you are no longer it's not just fewer followers seeing this content right Pinterest is showing it to new users and it really just kind of it's like a snowball effect it is a serious potential to skyrocket your views your followers and your sales and towards the end of the presentation I'm going to tell you guys about a crazy mega viral pin that we had and how it really just changed the name of the game on Pinterest for us and that was the day that we really really truly saw what kind of potential Pinterest had to offer us so we'll talk about that more at the end of the presentation so what makes a great pin well here are a couple examples of a couple of my pins actually and they have a few things in common that we're going to go over that really make up a really great pin so they're long and vertical they are not short and kind horizontal like some of the images that you see on Pinterest they have text to overlays on them so it's very apparent immediately not just from the photo but from the text on there what they are about this text is clear and readable they have a large engaging photo on them that's very descriptive of what the content is about and they have contrasting colors so I use this black action on both of these pins because both basins are relatively light you'll see I use this blue over here because it really contrasted with the yellow color so that just really makes your text stand out so what makes bad pins well we talked again about the shorter horizontal you can see if you look at mine compared to these the size of these what happens is if you use a shorter or a horizontal pin on face on Pinterest it will show up very very small because Pinterest is sort of designed for those bigger beautiful images so again you you want to use as much real estate as possible and these these much smaller ones especially down here anything horizontal is going to show up this size on Pinterest images with no text so a couple of these don't have in any text on them and the problem here is that this honey I have no idea in this smoothie I have no idea what kind of content is behind there the honey could be a DIY skin mask it could be the health benefits of raw honey I just I don't know what it is before well I don't know what it is without any any text on it so I it just doesn't give me much incentive to click over the same with this it could be a diet plan it could be a smoothie recipe it could just be some image from vlog I just don't know next thing is blurry smaller unreadable text so I can see that this does say scones but I have to really squint to see that this is a vegan with maple glaze and the tops of mini blueberry oatmeal scones so it's very hard to read and as I'm scrolling through my Pinterest feed that text is not going to stand out especially when this pin is up against one of mine from the previous screen so it's just not going to stand out and if I have to squint to read it again it's just taking me more time this pin isn't going to catch my eye and any kind of smaller non engaging photos like these the eve even this smoothie recipe or I'm sorry I assume it's rusty I don't know what it is but this smaller photo right here I have no idea what it is it's it's not in photos not engaging at all it doesn't it doesn't look very pretty I just don't have any sense it to click on it and any colors that don't stand out so these two top pins up here especially they don't have any text or really anything in the image that really stands out no contrasting colors there if this text up here was in a much different color and much larger that would that would send out a little bit more so let's just look at them side-by-side you can just really see the difference in what making your own pins and designing your own pins can do for you because again it's people are scrolling through their Pinterest feeds at lightning speeds they are you know they may be home on their desktop computer purposely looking for something and just kind of browsing they could be in line waiting at Starbucks and just browsing through but no matter what you you have about a half a second to catch their attention and if you have pins like these from your website that you don't have any text they aren't self created they just aren't going to get you quick in comparison to something like these that I designed and the crazy thing about these is that the person might be on Pinterest looking for something else entirely but if they see a pin like this that really catches their eye chances are they're going to stop and at least read it so it may not be something that they were originally into then are looking for but if you catch their attention for a second and they read if they're even slightly interested they're likely going to click on it especially just because the content on the pin is designed so well so just keep this in mind when you are designing pins for your website you just you really want them to have those qualities let's talk about stock photography for a second using stock photography gives you a large pool of images to choose from and this saves you time and ensures that your PIN has the best chances of going viral it ensured it also ensures that you're not in violation of any copyright laws your content your content can be removed from Pinterest in the very least so let's talk about these points I do highly recommend stock photography because again you can search and find any image that you want and when when when the best pin wins on Pinterest you really want to make sure that you are using the best images possible there's all sorts of free software toggery sites to that we're going to talk about in a minute and but they just they don't give you they'll give you the hundreds hundreds of thousands of images to choose from like bigger stock plans do and paid stock plans so I do very much recommend that and the other really big reason is because you just don't want to mess with copyright laws you you can't just pull an image off of Google and use it to drive traffic to your website or stick it on your website because if the owner of that photo finds out that you are using it without their permission especially to drive traffic to your own website they can report your website they can report you on Pinterest and Pinterest and the very least can completely remove all of your pins so and that has actually happened to me I was a sort of a victim of it I wasn't the person that that did use someone else's image but what happened was I pinned someone else's pin and they were in violation of copyright laws so what happened was the per and got reported for it and their pins got removed all across Pinterest so even though I I was innocent in the matter and I pinned somebody else's pin it was not my pin they still removed it off my account because they removed it across Pinterest wide and when this happens we talked we the great thing about Pinterest is that your your pins are evergreen and they can have the lifespan of months or years but if you have a pin that's been generating new traffic for over a year and it's it's steady inconsistent traffic because it's highly searched but you used an image that wasn't your own to drive traffic to your website Pinterest can remove that and when they remove that pin that traffic from that viral pin can evaporate immediately so it's just not something that you ever want to mess with and when you use stock photography you kind of you know that you have the rights to these images and you know that you're not in danger of this so I prefer to just not even worry about that and so that is why I recommend stock photography the downside is that it can be costly I remember when we first started on Pinterest our stock plan our stock photography plan was actually our highest expense for a little while I I will say I think it absolutely pays for itself because when you have pins that go viral and drive traffic to your website and make you money it absolutely pays for itself but it as a downside it can be costly so here are some other options free stock photos do exist but just know that they are limited and what photos are offered as well as how many you can download in a day or a month they do have some limitations you can't just search for a certain topic and find hundreds of images to choose from you may find one to two images that relate to it or you may find none some free stock plans will only let you download one photo a day or even you know ten in a month and it just kind of depends on what your personal needs are and how many how much content you're producing and how many photos you do need we'll tell you I don't just use them for my pins I use them to display my website as well in our products that we create we have eight courses and ebooks that we create on both of our websites and we use the stock plan just like photography plans for that as well so it does have multiple uses and it just kind of meant on how much you need we have a plan that gives us about 350 images a month and that seems to work well because we have...