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How to earn a lot of money with YouTube:

In this video I'm going to show you how you can make up to 200 to 300 dollars per day with trending topics at news videos on YouTube so this is a huge niche on YouTube and I'm going to show you two examples so this is called watching news and another channel called Inside Edition and all these guys do is upload videos that are like you know up to 30 seconds to two minutes long and all they do is just use YouTube's monetizing.
Monetization is tools to make money so I'm gonna show you I'll eat how easy is this is to do because you don't need any video editing experience to do this and you don't even need a voiceover so I'm gonna show you how to get a voiceover done for free and how to find trending topics and news videos and news articles that you can turn into videos so this is just gonna be a quick basic overview of this entire method I can't show you everything in this one video

So if you do want a course that shows the everything from start to finish with multiple videos then check out the first link in the description below which is a four day blueprint on how to build an online business and this entire course is taught by Franklin Hatchett and he has a YouTube channel with over 80,000 subscribers and he teaches you exactly how he grew that channel in this course so he teaches you how to start and grow a YouTube channel hadn't run Facebook Ads Instagram ads Google search engine optimization Google Ads YouTube ads so I've never seen another course give away this much value away for free and at the if you take you from beginner to advanced all within four days and at the end of the four days he won't ask you to buy like a thousand dollar course or a 500 dollar course he won't ask you to buy anything at any point in this course so I highly recommend it especially if you're a beginner so hit the first link in the description description below sign up here with your name and email and this is the first video then you get access to the rest of the videos within the next week so let's get started with this method so I might show you a few examples here so this is called watching news and all they do is just upload videos like this and I've talked about this channel previously before according to a report by Reuters on Tuesday Tesla incorporated said that the US Department of Justice was investigating so all the abuse just have a looks a simple voice over and just have a bunch of still images that animate around be the video and it shows you right here in the description of the video where the where they got the the the information for the video from so if I regard from feeds and routers so this is the website they got it from and this is the article that did turned it turned into a video so all they're doing is just took all these down this article here distended into a small voiceover and it's real easy to do and I'll show you how to do it so let's just end this so I'm going to use this article as an example here now I'm just going to show you one more example so this is called Inside Edition and this channel is a bit more advanced and these guys get a ton of you so the way you find out how much money these guys are making is you copy the the URL of the channel or the channel code right that says CBS TV Inside Edition so this is actually like a mating network and I'll show you how much money these guys are making so these guys are making at least like seven million dollars per year so there's an insane amount of money to be made and you only need to get a fraction of what these guys are making to make your first 200 to 300 loads per day and I'm also going to show you watch amuse which is the example that I used at the start so social blade is really useful so this is called social play calm and it basically shows you how much how many music channels is getting how many subscribers they're getting how much money they're making so this channel is making about ninety thousand dollars per year and they get about almost a hundred thousand views per day about a hundred subscribers per day so there's some good money to be made with this so let's get started with this the first thing you need to do is is find an article to make a video on and the way I do that is just with Google Sites go to Google and just type in news and I just going to news and all these articles come up and I just tell them I just go into it i'm turn them into a video so i'm use this as an example since it looked like it was trending and these guys made a video on it so what i do is i go into google again and i find images that i can upload so i need images of this guy here who's Elon Musk so I'm gonna go into Google I'm gonna type in Elon Musk and I'm gonna click on tools and click on labels for reuse with modification so this shows me images that up and that are there are not copyrighted so I can I'm allowed to reuse these images on my videos now what get a copyright strike so this image looks pretty good it's a bit too small let me find another one this one looks good so I'm gonna click on this and we'll save this image so I'm sure saved maybe like three images that's one let me find another image of maybe a Tesla this one looks pretty good it's too small this one looks good let's save this image so I would probably spend a bit more time looking for good images but just to keep this you know short I'm just gonna rush through it and you find one more image of Elon Musk this one looks good save this one so I've got three images now and what I'm gonna do is go to this software called be video calm so just go to be video calm and this is the software that I use...