How to Get 400 Views an hour on YouTube

How to Get More Views on YouTube

If you want to grow your channel quick and easy subscribe and smash that notification bell because I share with you all the tips tricks or strategies that I use to grow this dead Channel from zero to thousands of subscribers and became a YouTube Partner just a matter of months what's happening so in this video I'm gonna share with you one of the most powerful tips that I have that's helped me get this channel to where it's bringing in over 400 views every hour and to verify that let's go ahead and go over to subscriber counter calm and you can see right here around subscriber count' calm:

If we scroll down here to the weekly statistics you can see that for daily subscribers we've got total subscribers daily views but if we scroll a bit more it breaks it down into totals for the week and average per day so for subscribers we're at 172 plus a day coming in and 4 views 10,000 plus coming in every day so let's do a little bit of math because some people struggle with math and they don't understand that you know this is really 400 we're only 400 views per hour so if we take 10,000 so we divide this 10,000 per day by 24 and then you get 416 so 400 plus views every hour this channel is generating and so we're gonna cover how to do this in just a second but real quick for those that have been asking about how I monetize my youtube channel with multiple streams of automated income daily just like this even if you're not a partner just click the link in the description to my video series and you can simply watch over my shoulder and set these income streams up for yourself if you do have to come over here to the course page you can scroll down to see something pretty cool this is where other youtubers that have enrolled and they were simply able to watch over my shoulder copy me and just set these income streams up for themselves and they're sharing the results right here and they even have a section in the course dedicated to helping you grow your YouTube channel as fast as I know how and get to that YouTube Partnership Program very quickly so let's get to the topic where I can share with you this powerful tip that I use all the time to get the views that I just showed you four hundred-plus to my channel every hour so now the important thing is that you're already creating content you have to have some videos out there to use this method so if you're not posting videos or just begging for subscribers this isn't gonna work for you you're gonna have to wait until you actually decide to become a youtuber and post content but once you do start posting content this is gonna work awesome for you especially if you're doing keyword research you're not just randomly posting videos like I teach on here how to do keyword research so you get some videos out there and you have some that are doing really well you're golden because watch this all you have to do is if you're getting ready to upload a new video or post a new video you find a video that's somewhat related to one that's already doing well so for my case let's say I'm doing gonna do another video on how to get more subscribers well I'm gonna go ahead and just click on videos here to make it a little bit easier and I could of course sort this by most popular let's do that and so now I'm simply gonna find a similar video that's already doing well so here's one I could use how to get subscribers again if I was doing another subscriber type video it's got three hundred ninety four thousand views right so I could definitely use that one let's grab this one sixty thousand views pretty good how to get more subscribers so let's click on this and I'm gonna pause it real quick and I want to do is I'm going to go to analytics so let's open this up and then over here to the left if I scroll down we're gonna go to traffic sources so click on that and then right here is YouTube search external this is like Google so let's actually I'm gonna click on this really quick so yeah so it's actually ranked on Google as well using my ranking methods if you're not subscribed and you want to learn how to do this stuff just subscribe but so that's how I got those views is through getting my video ranked in Google let's go back really quick and now let's go to youtube search because this is gonna be more likely where you're gonna be asked so let's click on YouTube search and so what YouTube is telling me as these are the key phrases people are using that's getting me these views so subscriber hack is the number one and this is just for the last 28 days but these are the number one or that in front of the top key search phrases people are putting into YouTube that's getting me these view this is gold because what's this telling me this is telling me if I make more videos utilizing these key phrases I'm gonna do really well so subscriber hack if I do another video I should in Corpse incorporate subscriber hack into the title into the description and certainly put it in the tags I can also incorporate this as well I could combine these and say how to get 50 subscribers on YouTube fast and then in parentheses put subscriber hack after that and then it's gonna help ensure that I'm gonna get lots of views because it's gonna drive more traffic to that video I could do that with all of these I can make sure that I put these in the description you know work them into the description definitely put them in as tags and so I'm pretty much guaranteeing that my next video I post if of round subscribers if I do something similar to this I'm gonna have success with them gonna get lots of views that's why very few does you know I've done this over and over and over and so I'm able to generate that many views per hour let's scroll down here and show you an example of what not to do so let's say I didn't use analytics and I was just dumb and I just decided I'm gonna to guess so I'm gonna put it in here I think I'm gonna make this video I don't know I'll call it how to get subs hack that's what I'll call it or or any of these really how to get subscribers I'll just put it in there well it's telling me that that's not very good I only got like seven views for the last 28 days this is how a lot of people on YouTube do this stuff guys they're not using their brains they're not using analytics it's given to them right here but don't breathe not always lost if you did do this if you posted how to get subscribers and you're getting crappy views you can still do this method and repurpose this video so I could go back into this video that wasn't getting very many views because I was a knucklehead and just put how to get subscribers and then I could simply retitle it with these strong keywords key phrases that are getting me views I could retitle that video that's a dud I could put these in the description I could put them in the tags and I could rejuvenate that video to start getting me views so again you could use this method in your is to plan ahead for your next video like you for getting ready to post a video you can do this and find out what key phrases that you might want to go for and consider because they're already doing well for you or like I said if you'd do this in the past and and you posted a bunch of duds videos you just simply go back in you know use this go to your best videos grab these as tags and titles and descriptions and and repurpose these videos just go in and retitle them re-- describe them and retag them and youtube will adjust where they are shown in youtube's platform accordingly so give that a shot tell me what you think in the comments below hope it helps you out also don't forget again if you're one of those that are interested in making actually making money on YouTube even if you're not a partner or even if you are partner you always want to make more money then be sure to check out my course again the link is in the description but with that I'm gonna wrap this video up and I will see you in the next...