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I'm gonna be talking about a one product store strategy that allowed me to build this brand new store to over $600,000 in sales within just three months and yeah like I said this was all done with pretty much just one product about 99% of sales come from one product:

 so I'm gonna be taking you guys through the exact strategy starting from product research to how I build my store and run my ads and I'll actually be taking you through a sample store to actually show you step-by-step what I would do okay so first off I just want to show you guys a little proof because I know this is gonna be a lot of skeptics watching this so this is the store here as you can see total sales since starting which was the first day was about July 20th and since starting we've done six hundred sixty thousand dollars in sales as you can see these are today's stats seven point eight K fifty three visitors live and I can pick I can pick any day and you'll see that it'll update properly.

So yesterday twelve thousand of the day before that nine thousand so as you can see this is all real and about twenty percent of this is profit obviously not all of it is profit mainly product costs and ad costs but it's still very profitable twenty percent of six hundred thousand over three months is a nice sum of money to start off I wanna give you guys a quick overview of the strategy and why I like it so basically what we're gonna be doing is building a brand around one hot drop shipping product that's doing really well and we're also gonna add a few related products in the same niche just to make your storm look a little bit more legit but basically you're gonna be focusing on that one product and only marketing about one product and what this does is this will make your your store or your brand seem like an authoritative source for that product and maybe people will think that you're the original person who invented this product if it's that type of novel product but basically it'll make your conversion rates higher and it'll make people more likely to buy from you rather than just seeing your ad and then looking for that product on Amazon a big benefit with this strategy is that when the majority of your orders come from a single product this makes mass fulfillment much easier so when you're drop shipping at very high volume.

So say like over two hundred four hundred orders a day you don't you don't usually use Aliexpress I don't use Aliexpress I use like Excel sheets and mass fulfillment with the drop shipping agent in China and when you just have one product this makes the whole process a lot easier and a lot smoother same thing for marketing if you have a lot of products you're gonna have a lot of different campaigns for different and a lot of different ads for an ad for each product versus when you're focusing on just one product you can focus on building a ton of different ads for that one product and basically just really double down on one product that's doing well for you rather than spreading yourself thin the first step is product research so the type of product that usually works well for me our products with kind of a mass appeal a wide target market large enough audience that you can really scale and do big numbers another thing that you want is you really want the product to solve a problem if a product solves a problem it's much easier to sell when it's much easier to sell to cold traffic so people who haven't seen your store before you can just convince them to do an impulse buy because it solves their problem.

Another thing is that you don't want to worry too much about saturation so the product that I'm selling in the store that I showed you is extremely saturated as most people would call it and the way I see it it's saturated because there's an extreme amount of demand and it's selling really really well clearly so the saturation is actually kind of a good song it tells you that there's a lot of sales to be made and what you need to do is pretty much out out do all the existing competitors in the space so you just need to have better ads a better website and if you do that you'll be able to scale to really big numbers right because if it's saturated that means there's a lot of demand so I don't worry too much about saturation I worry more about kind of just doing better than the people who are already in that space last thing is that you want the product to be proven to sell so to do this you want to find a drop shipping ad and kind of just look at the comments a lot of times you'll see in the comments like I ordered this last week still haven't gotten it or like a ton of comment saying I want this tagging people and you can kind of get a feel for how how interested people are really in this product and how well it's gonna sell I'm quickly going to talk about four different product research strategies that I use some of them I've covered in my product research video that you can find on my channel and I recommend you watch that if you're going into the product research phase but there's two strategies here that I listed that I didn't talk about in that video so number one is eat calm hunt and eat calm hunt is basically it's right here I'm just gonna pull it up now I'm sorry and it's a software where they basically curate the best products to dropship everyday so they have a team of people actively working and monitoring the dropshipping space and see what products are starting to trend are starting to sell a lot and they basically post them here every day and yeah there's some really good products here to find the app is free there is a pro plan and the pro plan allows you to see the four most recent unlocks so these would be locked right now if you don't have Pro I have pro plan because I want to see if you find one good product that's selling really well from from EECOM hunt you can pay back you better the pro plan and like literally like two sales so your return on investment on EECOM hunt can be really really large you don't need a product research tool and I usually don't advocate paid software but if you're at a place in your drop shipping business where you don't mind investing $20 a month I think it is really worth it and it takes out a lot of the manual labor out of product research because these are these are great drop shipping products and most most drop shipping products that people have had success with are in this in this in this website they have a lot of pages they have 56 different pages of products and so yeah there's a ton of different products you can find Oh strategy number two and three I talked about in my product research video so that those two strategies are Facebook search and spying on competitors ads and strategy 3 is just browsing Aliexpress sorting by orders and searching that way and strategy number four which I didn't talk in that product research video is asking drop shipping suppliers for hot products so this is kind of more if you've already scaled some products if you have a lot of connections in the drop shipping space or just connections with suppliers you can go to your suppliers and ask them hey what's the product that's been selling really well lately and I mean they know they the numbers won't lie and if the products selling really really well there's a good chance that you can take it and scale it too so this is a really good strategy to to find hot products earlier than most people alright so just to show you guys exactly how I would build a one product store I'm actually gonna go ahead and pick a product from EECOM hunt and build a story around it and by the way if you're interested in Econ hunt I have an affiliate link in the bio that you can click on and just check it out that way and that would support the channel and it's free so yeah check it out guys alright so I'm just gonna pick a product so these products all look pretty interesting a lot of them are kind of like gadgets that you would see on a general store so you kind of need a product that you can build a brand around so it needs to be a big enough problem so maybe this arthritis glove this could be a good one this pet cart seatbelt actually looks interesting too so let's just let's just look at the pet car seat belt it's a little bit less broad than I would like it to be I like products that are more kind of mass appeal so say something like teeth whitening or weight loss that kind of thing but this also looks interesting people love dogs and it's a really really big market so let's click show me the money and then this is going to show us the product info so that's actually really good as you can see this tells you the selling price and the product cost so the product cost is extremely cheap $1 20 so you can get a really really crazy margin with this product so this actually looks like an interesting product because you wouldn't need it you would need to deed that much volume to make a really good profit because the margins are just amazing so it tells you the analytics here so Aliexpress so it's got nine ninety four hundred orders on Aliexpress which is really good if you've watched my product research video I like that the product has at least a thousand orders so nine thousand is great and then engagement all that so econ one's really great it gives you all this info about the product and this will really help you start faster when you're launching new products alright so once you find a product what I like to do next is find my competitors to see what they're doing and see how I can improve on it so if you're using EECOM hunt you can actually just scroll down here and then click the Facebook ad link and this will show you the Facebook ad that they found of the store that's selling this product if you're not using econ hunt you can just use Facebook search look like keywords relate to the product so like pet seatbelt and then maybe you can add something like get yours here to find drop shipping videos and then you should be able to find some competitors who are selling this product but since I'm using EECOM hunt I'm just gonna go ahead and click Facebook ad so this is the ad that e-comm hunt linked me to and now we can take a look at what they're doing so let's just play the video keep your dog safe in the car with...