$13,000 Per Month On Pinterest - 4 Easy Steps

This pin I'm gonna save it here and I want it to go to this board thirteen hundred dollars per month per client yo what is going on guys in this video I'm gonna share with you how you can do four tasks to make thirteen thousand dollars per month what is up guys Paul James your welcome back to another video today.

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I'm really excited for this one because I'm gonna share with you a way to make thirteen thousand dollars per month by doing four simple tasks now I'm gonna get more into the details about this but first if you're excited to learn how to make thirteen thousand dollars leveraging something really cool go ahead and smash that like button for me also if you're new to the channel what is up again I am Paul James and this is the place where we talk about building businesses entrepreneurship motivation so if you're in any of those things what I recommend you do is drop below this video right now hit the subscribe button and then after you subscribe I will actually go and welcome you to the channel if you just comment below saying I subscribe alright guys so let's get into it have you guys ever seen my band room I don't know if I've ever shown you this room before this is actually the movie theater room in my house but I decided to kind of turn it into a band room so like they're supposed to be like seating that goes up here and a projector up there and then there's in front of me is a movie theater screen and surrounds us because throughout but I just figured you know screw all my turn into a music room so I put a drum set in my guitar amp in like PA system in anyways you know just kind of fun jamming out but let's get into the video let's talk about the method how are you gonna make thirteen thousand dollars per month well you're gonna need ten clients okay and for these ten clients you're gonna do four very specific tasks for them on a service called Pinterest so you guys have heard of Pinterest it's the social media site where you share images back and forth there's four things that you can do on this site that was going to help clients grow and I want to show you exactly what those four things are and then I'm gonna show you how you can actually get clients who are looking for people to help them do those four things and what you're going to do is you're gonna get paid 1,300 dollars per month per client with ten clients that's thirteen thousand dollars per month that's not that many I think you can do it we're gonna jump on the computer we're gonna break the method down and I'm excited to share it with you all right guys so let's talk about the four tasks that you can do on someone's Pinterest profile to make you $1,300 per month per client so what you see here is my upwork profile as of this date I was paying someone one thousand two hundred ninety seven dollars and 80 cents almost thirteen hundred dollars a month to do these four tasks that I'm gonna break down for you today so if you go on up work and create your own profile and do these four tasks you should be able to get clients kind of like myself who want their Pinterest profile managed and want to grow their profile Pinterest is an absolutely insane way to get massive traffic which is why there's so many people that are looking for someone to grow their profile and I want to prove that to you in this video today okay so first I want to share with you what these four tasks are and exactly what this person was doing for me to earn thirteen hundred dollars a month alright so the first thing that they were doing was what is called follow and unfollow campaigns so you have different people who own their own Pinterest accounts and they go on there and they look up images right and then I have a Pinterest profile here let's just put profile will just put pro for profile so basically what I paid that person to do one of the tasks was to go out and follow people who were interested in the same topic as my profile so my profile is about making money let's say they go and they follow people who have shown interest in other Pinterest accounts that are about that make money topic so let's go and label part one and call it follow so they basically go out and they follow a hundred and twenty people per day okay so that was their job every day they go follow 120 people okay so the what is step two that's step one step two is what we call an unfollow campaign so that person will come back in that I hired off up work and they go and look at these people that I followed person 1 person 2 just for example person 1 went and decided to follow me back person 2 did not follow me back so what that person did that I hired on up work went and went and find all the person people who didn't follow me back and unfollowed them so this is called an unfollow campaign so about once a week they would go through and they'd unfollow all the people who didn't follow me back so that's part 1 and part 2 of what they were doing let's go over part 3 so Pinterest as you may know is compiled of what's called boards so let's just say boards and on these boards are these vertical images known as pins so people come and they look at your boards they look at your pins if they like it they share it if they like it they go to the content so these pins can basically link to your website it can link to an affiliate offer so a great way to promote affiliate offers it can link to you know your YouTube channel could link to anything right the problem is is you need to get someone to go and start filling up these boards with content with pins and these can be other people's pins you can repin so basically a repin would look like this I could be like okay I like this pin I'm gonna save it here and I want it to go to this board my affiliate marketing board right so that's kind of what a pin looks like so that was step 2 of what this person was doing that I was paying $39 a month they were coming they were managing my boards and they were filling it up with content more pins okay more pins here so number three is we're just gonna say content slash pin pinning all right guys that's one two three things that they were doing to earn thirteen hundred dollars a month now let's talk about the fourth thing the fourth thing that they were doing is what's called managing getting me into group boards oh what a group board is is it's kind of like this regular board up here the only difference is is that there's people inside of this group board that are constantly looking at it so movies say followers of the group board and imagine that each group board has 10,000 followers so a group board has pins that are collaborated from a bunch of different people so you could join a group board and you could take the pin that you created on your board and you could basically we add it on to this group board that has 10,000 followers so basically it's getting your PIN in front of 10,000 other people that were already there so what I was paying this person to do for part about $1,300 a month was to reach out to the owners of the group board and say hey we are also in this space and we'd like to add our content to your group board so you win because we're adding content to your group board I win because some of these 10,000 people are coming back and following my profile which means I get more traffic and of course more traffic means more money for me which means I have no problem paying someone to do this for me okay so imagine if I've got someone reaching out to join you know five group boards I'm just going to draw a bunch of boards on the screen here and each group board has 10k followers to it well that means that now my profile instead of being in front of just my people are in front of potentially 50,000 different eyeballs that's the power of group boards and that's why it's so important to have someone doing that for you or to have a strategy in place so we'll just say...