How to make original and creative Christmas trees to decorate your entire house

We go there with another super advice to decorate your house at Christmas and look your beautiful home this coming Christmas;)

If we ask a large number of people about their best childhood memories, surely many of them would say that one of those beautiful memories of when they were children was the time to put the Christmas tree next to their family and that is that this is a Precious and very familiar moment.

The trends as Christmas trees are changing in recent years and the typical and traditional Christmas tree is becoming less and less to give way to DIY Christmas tree trends (do it yourself). This new trend can turn the process of putting the tree into a whole process, where we can choose the material that our Christmas tree will have, the color, the style and the textures that it will have.

Making the Christmas tree yourself you get a unique element. To inspire you and get great ideas for your DIY Christmas tree we leave you a selection of some very creative and original Christmas trees made with all kinds of elements and materials, from corks, plastic tubes, cushions, photography, pallets or even with jijiji cardboard egg cups