How to turn a small balcony into your favorite place

Have you not left the balcony of your house for centuries?  Do you have the forgotten balcony?  Well, even if you don't believe it, you're wasting one of the best corners of your home.

What does not cress me?  Well, in this article we will show you how a simple small balcony can become your favorite place without any reform.

Can you imagine a delicious breakfast watching sunrise?  A magical moment without stress, right?  Well, that can be offered by your small forgotten balcony with only a few chairs and a coffee table or stools and a bar.  The options are endless and in the compilation that we show you today you can find different proposals that will allow you to enjoy a breakfast or a perfect dinner on your balcony.

But the options that it can offer you are not only there, the previous option may be the most obvious to take advantage of your balcony but it can also become your small chill out space by placing a good terrace chairs, a seat hanging from the ceiling or even a hammock at the  purest Caribbean beach style;)

 Have we already convinced you that your little balcony may be the favorite place in your house?  Sure, but we're still going to give you a couple more ideas.  A small balcony can be the ideal place to escape the world and create your ideal reading place.  With a chassis longue or a sofa made by recycling pallets it can be the ideal place for a single person.

As if all this were not enough, a small balcony, changing its decoration, can be a place to enjoy your other hobby for examples a place to paint your pictures while enjoying the views and the air, or if you like gardening,  You can turn your balcony into a horizontal or vertical garden where you can transplant and care for your beloved plants.

As you can see, the options are endless and you can get them all if you plan to close or leave your balcony open.

We leave you an image gallery where a great use of small balconies has been made: