How to turn an old sewing machine into beautiful vintage furniture

We return with a little decoration and with those tricks that we like so much to make our homes super adorable.  Today we are going to see how to turn an old sewing machine into beautiful vintage furniture.

 If you are lucky enough to have in your possession an old one with its original foot, either because you have inherited it from your grandmother but why you have acquired it in some market or trail, do not even think about getting rid of it, you have in your possession a  Little gem

 Old sewing machines and especially their structure, in the vast majority of cast iron, are a super-priced item in the decoration and are sought as gold to give a vintage touch to our homes.  The most sought after are those of the Singer brand, and they are also the best paid, but there are many other brands of old sewing machines that made beautiful iron feet.

Both leaving the structure of our old sewing machine in its natural state, and restoring it with a thousand and one finish, an old sewing machine is an element that fits perfectly in our vintage decoration and in many occasions it will be the key piece of all our decoration  .

 With the cast iron foot of our old sewing machine we can create almost any piece of furniture in our home, from a precious piece of furniture for our hall to a wonderful bathroom cabinet.

 But it doesn't end here, much less, with a little creativity and being a bit tricky we can transform our old sewing machine into a side table, a barber-style chair, a work desk and hundreds of other things to decorate our house  With vintage style.

Next we will show a series of images to inspire you and take out that restorer and decorator that you carry inside;)