How to paint chairs and give them a second life

Do you have some old chairs that you are about to get rid of?  Review them again after reading this ‘post’ and think about the new opportunities you can give them.  At low cost and with a lot of imagination you can restore your chairs.

 The chairs that you have preserved for years are waiting for a restoration to become wonderful vintage objects.  Repair imperfections of those made of wood and repaint them.  In case you have very damaged cushions, provide upholstery foam, wadding and a fabric cut that fits your favorite style.

 If you have to collect materials, keep in mind that the best way to cut upholstery foam is to use an electric knife.  With a staple gun, fix the cloth and the wadding to the chair seat.  A spray adhesive will help you keep the upholstery platform in place.  When you go to paint them, you will need sandpaper, wood filler, primer, paints and brushes.

 Step by step it is about removing the chair seat and removing the fabric as well as the old padding.  Place a thin layer of adhesive spray on the chair to put the new padding in place.  Then cover it with wadding and cloth and staple it to the bottom of the chair.

 When painting, it is first advisable to fill imperfections with putty and sand smoothly to remove all traces of old paint.

 If you want to give it an aged look of the most modern, you just have to choose colors such as white, silver, ocher or gold and then give it a layer of judea bitumen with a brush.  Since it is a fairly thick black liquid, you can dilute it with turpentine or turpentine previously.

 With these little tricks you can restore your chairs and give a new style to your home!