How to make this beautiful crochet cardigan step by step - ★★★★★ 936 Opinions

 Hello friends!  Today in Patterns and Work we will see the step by step to make a garment that you have asked us a lot.  Today we are going to knit a crochet cardigan easily.

 Thanks to the Daniis Ways YouTube channel, let's learn how to make a beautiful cardigan that will serve us both to place it on our warmest clothes in winter, and to wear it on the cooler spring nights.

 If we do it in cotton wool, as we will see in the video below we will get a more summery cardigan.

In this case it has been obtained by knitting a cardigan with pockets that gives it a more modern touch and long enough to cover our butt so that it is super comfortable to wear.

 If you are a beginner in the world of crochet this video will go like a ring to your finger since this step-by-step tutorial is very easy to perform and you will have no problem following it.

 The best of all is that you will learn to make this cardigan with your own socks so you can do it the size you need, even knit it for a baby, an adult or a man.

 We will use a ball and a half of 100% cotton wool for a size so you can imagine how much you will need for the size you need.

 Without more, we go there, we will learn to make a modern cardigan with step by step pockets, easily and with our own measures: