How to make SLIME EDIBLE for kids

The holidays have already begun and if you still don't know how to keep your children entertained, here I share how to make edible slime with few ingredients and very cheap.

You will need to:

* A bag of panditas

* Powdered sugar

how to make edible slime

1. In a bowl, place all the panditas and melt them in a water bath.

2. After the gummies have melted, let it cool and gradually add the icing sugar.

3. You will see that it takes the consistency of a Slime. I recommend that you help yourself by kneading with your hands to make it easier to integrate the ingredients.

4. You can add dye or edible diamond to the Slime, this step is optional and depends on each taste and person.

As you saw, it is a simple, fast and very entertaining recipe that your children will love.