How to make slime easy (no borax and no starch)

Today we bring you 4 very simple ways to make slime without borax or starch.

The slime is the elastic mass that is causing a furor in the networks and is ideal for entertaining the little ones in the house for its bright colors and for the fun of having a good time together while you prepare it at home. In addition, the slime is also ideal as an anti-stress ball because of its touch which can be useful for de-stressing.

The slime is a product that is not harmful and that you can make homemade with your kids in an easy way and with relatively simple ingredients to get.

We leave you with this video tutorial of our friends youtubers of Cakes and Brushes where they explain four super simple ways to make some super bright and colorful slime:

What is very easy and super fun ???? we love!

Finally, we leave you with a few examples of different colorful slime so you can get inspired when making your own: