How to make nice low cost headers with pallets

The headboard is an essential piece of bed when it comes to “dressing her”.

 ithout the headboard it gives the feeling that the bed is bare. But you have to be honest: the headboard is one of the most expensive pieces of a bed, so, I present some proposals of bed headboards made with pallets, in a simple way and, the best, personalized according to your tastes so that the money , don't be a problem.


 The possibilities when recycling a pallet to make it headboard are very varied.

 From choosing the size, which can vary by making a more square headboard, more vertical, that reaches the ceiling, etc.

 Choose the arrangement of the tables: all horizontal, all vertical, diagonal, etc.

 Without forgetting the choice of color, being able to choose between natural color or give it a coat of paint, bet on several colors, or even resort to the aging technique.

 Aging the paint can give it a more vintage and / or rustic touch.

 You can also write a message about the headboard: the most common are the word "love" or "good night."

 Finally, and to give those small details that make a difference, nothing like adapting any decorative element or placing an LED light.

 The design of the headboard will depend on your tastes, the colors of your room and your creativity.

 Do you dare to renew your bed?