How to make homemade plasticine with only 2 basic ingredients

Recipe of homemade plasticine, easy, fast and cheap, with ingredients that we usually have at home.

 There are few activities more sensory than modeling clay, it is a wonderful creative game to enhance the imagination of children, and adults, because who has not seen an adult modeling modeling clay all kinds of animals with the excuse of entertaining the child  ? ...;)

 At home it is, without a doubt, one of the favorite games, I like to always have on hand, on an accessible shelf, we have a box with its utensils, which you can always take out himself to play.  And although he does not usually put things in his mouth, he is still small, so when the plasticine is not edible (like this recipe), I prefer not to leave him unsupervised.

 If your children are young or still in the oral phase, watch out for this homemade edible plasticine Recipe that we have prepared.

 Modeling modeling clay is the quintessential sensory activity, helps develop the senses (touch and sight above all), provides endless hours of entertainment and everyone likes them.  But sometimes, it happens that we don't have plasticine at home ... and alas!  horror!  ... your 2-year-old son wants modeling clay and nothing else, no other games or toys, just modeling clay ... Exactly the day you don't have at home, or it is not possible to buy.

 That's why I bring you this recipe today, to try to turn the tantrum that is coming into a fun time.

 So there we go:


 -1 cup cornstarch

 -1/2 cup of hair conditioner

 -food color (optional, if you don't want it white) We use the dyes of the Wilton brand, they are great for pastries and crafts, without the risk of paints.

Mix the cornstarch with the hair softener and the dye, first with a fork and then knead with your hands.

 Depending on the conditioner you may have to add one or two more tablespoons, when kneading you will notice if the dough "asks you" more.

 This is the result; a soft plasticine, pleasant to the touch, smells divinely and is quite elastic.  Of course, this putty lasts only a couple of days, before drying and cracking.  Plasticine with more oil lasts much longer.  But to get out of the way and spend some time kneading with children is perfect.  The colors will depend on how much dye we put in. With these dyes you can get very intense and vibrant colors, or pastel tones.  To the taste of each one.

 I hope you have a fun time doing it and playing with it!