How to make a homemade greenhouse

Home greenhouses are essential for many people.  Since the first greenhouses were built in 1850 for a crop of grapes, many people have made their own greenhouses, but information about them is not always too abundant.  Therefore, we have decided to make this post for you to inform yourself to the fullest.

 What are home greenhouses?

 Basically, a greenhouse is a very closed place, where walking is very accessible.  It almost always has an outer plastic cover to allow temperature control.

 Home greenhouses tend to have smaller dimensions, so they are more manageable.

 What are home greenhouses for?

 Although in some countries they are given different uses, the most frequent use for home greenhouses is to favor the development of plants.  In some parts of Spain, they are also called cold stove, this is because home greenhouses allow temperature and humidity control.

 The home greenhouses to operate simply take advantage of an effect produced by solar radiation, because these are basically made of glass or plastic, solar radiation heats the environment and everything inside.  Greenhouses simply trap all the energy to heat the indoor environment.

 It should be noted that some home greenhouses, if not built well, may have air problems, so it is quite advisable to create openings that allow entry and exit of it.  Although, many times, people prefer to place fans.  But, despite that, a greenhouse is one of the things that will help you most in your home, therefore, it is a benefit for you and your whole family.

 What materials are needed to build a home greenhouse?

 • Arches.
 • Channels.
 • Grilles.
 • Supports and reinforcements.
 • Straps and beams.

 These materials should preferably be steel, iron or aluminum.  The other materials you have to get to build a home greenhouse are:

 Plastic: These plastics must be made of polyethylene, polyester or polycarbonate.

 Glass: The glasses are printed glass.

 What are the types of home greenhouses that exist?

 There are different types of home greenhouses, among them are:

 Tunnel type greenhouses: Those that do not have straight walls.

 Chapel greenhouses: They are those that have curved semi-circular arches but all their arches are made of metal.

 Gothic type greenhouses: They are similar to chapel-type greenhouses, they simply have the difference that their arches are designed differently.

 Sheet or ship type greenhouses: These greenhouses are one of the most beautiful, since they are very large and have a very simple use that goes from filtration heads to large tanks.  They can also be used as warehouses for storing tools or machinery.

 Custom type greenhouses: Custom greenhouses are the ones with the latest technology used.  These greenhouses are the most recent in the market and are the ones that give the environment a modern look.

 Greenhouse mesh shade: These are the simplest greenhouses on the market.  It is built by galvanized pipes or metal profiles.

 Kit type greenhouses: These greenhouses are very resistant and have an easy assembly.  But, they still have a large amount of production while avoiding insects and improving performance.

 Raspa type greenhouses: These are the last possible greenhouses since they are the ones that leave the typical greenhouses.  The raspa type greenhouses do not have a reliable structure because when it rains they form large pockets of water and are almost totally unusable.

 Finally, there are different types of home greenhouses that you can build.  But, you have to see which one suits you best.  Remember that a greenhouse will always be a good option for your home and for your plants, as it will help you take care of them very well