How to make a gallery wall in your house

How to build a gallery wall?

Assembling a gallery wall is easier than you think.  Many times it happens to us that we have pictures and we don't know the best way to put them on the walls of the house and they end up a long time on the floor.  

Here Constanza Ragal, one of the directors of the Madhaus Gallery, resolves some doubts about the proportions, frames and colors, which must be taken into account before hanging them.

Is there a rule to display the pictures on the walls?

From my experience I believe that there are no rules when it comes to composing a wall with works both at home, and in exhibition halls of galleries or museums.  It depends on many factors that we can consider as architectural or spatial;  aesthetic or decorative and the value we give to the work.

 To deploy the works on a wall we must take into account both the space and the elements that compose it;  the decoration style and the colors that dominate the environment.

 The important thing is that the works occupy an important place and give them meaning, that they are not simply decorative.