How to make beautiful summer chill out with pallets

Do you want a sofa on your terrace where to lie down and spend hours in chill out plan?  And on top do you want it to cost you hardly anything?  Then get four old pallets, several wooden slats and the mess.

 To start, subject the pallets to a treatment.  As they are going to be outside, they will suffer more from the weather: sun, water, humidity ... that's why it is essential that you give a good protective hand.  Check with your hardware store or usual drugstore this requirement.

Once you have them placed, work the wooden slats.  To do this you must measure the length and width of the pallets, because you are going to have to line them with the wooden slats, but first, sand them to remove splinters and also give them a good hand with a good protector.

 With the help of nails and a hammer, start lining the pallets on the sides.  The idea is that they are covered and serve only to be the base and support of the sofa and the table.  When you start working on the top of the sofa, only use slats to line the part that will serve as a table.  The part that is reserved for the sofa does not cover it because it will be hidden by the cushion or cushion you use as a sofa.  You can choose its interior: foam, feathers, etc.  The comfort of the interior of the sofa I leave it to your choice.

 Choose the color you like best for the chill out sofa.  From natural varnish to a vivid color, applying aged or not ... for tastes colors.  Of course, give it a beeswax finish so that it is soft to the touch and protects even more from exposure to the sun and rain.

 Take care of the small decorative details such as the fabric you will use for both the sofa cushion and the back cushions and rest and relax on this wonderful sofa.  The result is wonderful.