How to make bay oil - THOUSANDS OF BENEFITS

How are you all out there?  Today we will learn to prepare essential oil but not any essential oil, but one of the most incredible benefits can bring to your health, the essential oil of laurel.

Bay oil is something that we should all have at home on a regular basis since this essential oil is attributed many benefits to our health since it has antibiotic, alagesic and antiseptic properties among many others.

This natural medicine is used for ointment to relieve muscle aches but also as a beauty remedy.

Let's see some of the benefits that laurel essential oil has on our health.

Laurel oil benefits

 - Promotes muscle relaxation.

 - Helps lower fever.

 - It is a natural antibiotic.

 - It's very good for the skin.

 - Helps natural hair growth.

 Once we know some of the benefits that laurel essential oil can bring to our body, we will learn to prepare our own laurel oil.

 To prepare our homemade laurel oil we will need:

 - About 15 grams of bay leaves.

 - A cup of sweet almond oil, approximately 200 grams.

 - A glass jar or jar of about 250 milliliters with airtight closure.

 How to prepare Laurel essential oil:

The most important ingredient when preparing bay oil is an ingredient that we have not put on the list above, patience, since once we have our bay oil prepared, we will have to wait no less than 40 days to be able to  use it

That said we go with the steps.  We introduce the bay leaves into the glass jar, taking care that no remains of other plants or dust fall.

Once we have all the laurel in the boat, we slowly add the sweet almond oil.

We close the boat tightly and wait at least 40 days before we told you.