How to make amazing cardboard toys that your children will love

With the January slope just around the corner, it is time to squeeze out all our resources and our imagination to the maximum, to create new toys for the kids in the house.

I do not know if it will be professional deformation, because of all the architectural models that I have had to do throughout my student and professional life, or why it will be, worse I love constructions and toys made with cardboard.

Some of you already know that from time to time I do architecture workshops for children, where we build small cities with cardboard boxes and the little ones play to be urban planners and architects.

So today I want to show you some other DIY ideas with cardboard that I found in the Mermag blog, a craft blog that you have to keep among your favorites, in case there are any that you don't know yet.

We have to choose: cardboard castle for princes and princesses; race car for small adventurers; Postbox for inveterate readers, kitchens for imaginative chefs, and even a circus train for the "clowns" of the house.