How to make an adorable Amigurumi Sleeping Doll ★★★★★ 285 Opinions

★★★★★ 285 Reviews

Hello blogger @ s! One more day I am here with all of you to bring you the tutorial of a work that I know you will like. In this case we will expand our Amigurumi work section.

Today we are going to learn how to make a sleepy amigurumi doll step by step. These types of dolls are adorable if you have just been a mother, you have just become a grandmother or a person close to you has just had a baby and you want to give it as a gift of birth.

Thanks to the video of the YouTube channel "Lanas y Ovillos" we will learn to crochet this beautiful amigurumi doll.

To make this sleepy doll we will need, the colored wool that you like for your doll, a crochet a little thinner than the thickness of the wool you have chosen, a lap marker, wool needle, scissors and synthetic cotton.

Here you have the complete video so you can follow the step by step to make this sleepy amigurumi doll without missing any step and you will see how starting with the doll's head and moving little by little you find this precious work very easy and enjoyable: