How to knit crochet socks - Video step by step - ★★★★ 284 Opinions

Hello blog follower!  Today we go with a crochet tutorial that could not be missing in our blog because it is one of the most desired and because it is great to be warm and super comfortable in a house in the cold winter days.

Today we are going to learn how to knit crochet socks step by step thanks to this DIY Handwork video.  Well-stocked coats with thick wool perfect for the cold that you can use to be at home or to sleep and you will surely like them.

The process to make these crochet socks is very simple and you can adapt the size of the sock to the size of your foot and the height of the average cane to your liking.  In this way you can have a low sock, a medium cane sock that you can fold to achieve a more chubby result or a medium high by the knee or even above the knee.

In this project you will be able to take advantage of pieces of clews that you have left from other projects since the combination of different colors is perfect for this type of crochet tights or also knit these crocheted socks of a single color for a more sober result.

Let's see how to make these warm crochet socks step by step:

As always I leave a collection of crochet woven socks to inspire you as to the length you would like more and the combination of colors, there are some super adorable, these super tall black and white I love ijiji