How to kill flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches in your home in just 2 hours

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Today we are here again with another one of those home remedies that we like and are so useful.  Today we are going to see how to prepare a remedy with which you will be able to kill all the mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches in your home in just one or two hours.

And we all know how annoying it is to have these insects in our house and especially in the summer season that with the heat these insects multiply and make it very difficult to live comfortably in our home since the flies and mosquitoes are of the insects  more unhygienic since they are responsible for many of the diseases that humans can take, some of these deadly diseases.

 To give us an idea, a single fly can carry more than one million bacteria and these bacteria can reach humans in different ways, the most common is when ingesting products that have been touched by these insects resulting in a large  variety of diseases

The situation is much worse when we talk about mosquitoes since they have the ability to perform blood transmission and this can transmit very serious diseases.

Luckily we know of homemade recipes that have passed from generations to generations that become powerful effective homemade insecticides with which in just a few hours we can leave our home totally free of insects.

Today we are going to see how to prepare one of these homemade insecticides that has worked great for me for many many years now:

To prepare this home remedy to eliminate flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches we will help the power of the laurel, since the laurel can remove all these insects from our home if we know how to use it correctly.

Laurel Essential Oil Ingredients

The ingredients that we are going to need are the following:

 ❖ Approximately 20 drops of Laurel essential oil.

 Don't you know how to prepare Laurel essential oil?  Don't worry, I teach you, click on the following article in our blog and learn how to do it easily:

 ⇒ How to make Laurel essential oil

 ❖ About 60 milliliters of water.

 ❖ A spray bottle.

How to prepare kills flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches homemade

Like the ingredients, the way of preparation is also very simple.  We will only have to take the drops of laurel essential oil and mix them with the water, stir it well until we see that the oil is fully integrated in the water.

Then you just have to spray it with the sprayer and you will have your home insecticide with which to kill all the insects in your home