How to decorate any room in your home with wooden boxes

Today we go with another home decoration article where we will see how to change the style of your home without spending money and recycling.

In today's decoration council we will talk about the trendiest element in terms of home decoration in recent years without a doubt, the old wooden boxes.

That's right friends, wooden boxes have become in recent years the greatest object of desire to decorate any environment in our home.

The most sought-after wooden boxes for interior decoration are the wooden fruit crates that were used to transport fruits or vegetables many years ago.  You can also find in traces or in old markets wooden boxes of bottles, the most sought after are those that usually carry the brand printed.  If you find Coca Cola, Pepsi or any other American brand of the early twentieth century you have found a gold reef.

This is also a way to join the deco deco and maintain the style of your house by recycling old objects and giving them a new life in a sustainable way.

The versatility offered by wooden boxes is enormous, almost infinite, they give us the possibility to build anything to decorate a house.

Tables, shelves or bathroom furniture are the most common decoration elements with wooden eyebrows but the possibilities are many.  Then I leave a gallery of images to inspire you when decorating any room in your home by recycling wooden boxes of all kinds: