December 8, 2022

Antioxidant and excellent skin lightening. If you want to remove acne spots and scars from the face, here we show you how to make parsley soap.

There is no person in this world with a face free of marks; either from sun or from acne scars. Although there are more than a thousand products to remove them, sometimes they end up damaging your skin, irritating it and even causing burns.

Parsley will help you remove skin blemishes

Parsley is excellent for use as a home remedy against facial blemishes. This plant is a powerful antioxidant, helps eliminate dead skin and also has an antioxidant power.

You can apply the parsley in the form of a mask but another amazing and super effective way to use it is as homemade bar soap.

Here I show you how to prepare parsley soap without being an expert, pay attention!


1/2 cup parsley tea
5 tablespoons glycerin soap
2 tablespoons milk powder
1/2 cup green tea
2 tablespoons oatmeal
2 tablespoons natural honey (not the one with artificial preservatives)


The first thing you should do is prepare the two teas (parsley and green tea), once you have made them, pour them into a bowl and since it is warm, add the flour, powdered milk and honey. Mix the ingredients until it is homogeneous.

In a separate step you must put the glycerin soap on fire in a water bath, leave it until it becomes liquid. Turn off the heat and mix this with the previous step.

You should let it cool and then you can pour it into a mold so that they take the form of soap.

Wash your face with this homemade parsley soap and little by little you will see how your skin cleanses from stains.

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