How to make homemade Aloe Vera and lemon gel for clean your acne

And since acne is one of a woman's main problems, this homemade soap will help you very much to solve this great dilemma.

Check out how you can make this homemade aloe vera and lemon acne soap

This homemade product is created by ingredients designed to eliminate and disappear acne, it is known that aloe and honey help moisturize the skin, and lemon helps deep clean pores

To make the soap these are the ingredients:
Pulp of four branches of Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera.
Two tablets of glycerin soap
Four tablespoons of honey
100 ml of olive oil
The zest of a lemon

In a bowl, melt the glycerin tablets in the microwave
Add the pulp of the aloe along with the four tablespoons of honey and the lemon zest.

Heat the oil a little and then add it to the bowl.
At low power beat the mixture until a homogeneous mass is left
Put the mixture in a plastic mold and let it set correctly for 24 hours.

It is recommended that you use this soap daily so you can start to notice results. And so that your skin looks much softer remember that a good daily beauty routine is essential