How to combine the most trendy slouchy jeans

The trends are changing every day and many of us always want to adapt to what the catwalks and fashion houses propose, and this time, they have surprised us with the trendiest pants of 2019. Your name? The slouchy jeans!

Maybe when you think about them, you don't know exactly what they are, since it has decades that are not used, but now they have come back with a lot of strength to conquer your outfit.

The main characteristics of this type of jeans are that they are high-waisted, but with a wide waist, so that your waist will stand out, and if you ate something that makes you belly, it will cover it completely.

And although they are super baggy, they are always used WITH hem, because the joke is that they only look baggy and do not make you look smaller.

Even so, if you are looking for height, what you can do is combine it with shoes with platforms or heels, literally the ones you want, from some Swedes, sandals or even stilettos.

In stores like Zara you can find them in several colors that you will love like mint green, pale beige and obviously, in denim.

Believe it or not, this trend has been growing considerably on Instagram, as many fashion bloggers and fashionistas are already wearing them in their looks and we certainly love them.

Combining them with other garments is super easy, because you can opt for crop tops, bodies, and if you are very thin, even wide shirts.

Remember to always mark your waist so that this garment does not make you extra kilos and you look perfect at all times.

The slouchy jeans are ideal for any occasion, since you can use them to go to the office, for a party, or even for a day that you have laziness and want to go to the cinema with a little style; The joke is that you get creative.

When buying them, remember to enter the fitting room with other clothes that favor you to know the best ways to use them and see you perfect at all times.