How to choose plus size outfits for winter

Some time ago, clothes for short and chubby women were limited to old-fashioned clothes. But today, we have perfect collections to adapt fashion to the measures we have. Because we do not seek to have another body but that the trends adapt to what we have.

So, clothes for short and chubby women are presented in options that you will love. Of course, today we will also leave you with those tips you expect. Among those you will find the best tricks to get the most out of it. Because it is not a matter of buying a lot of clothes, but of knowing how to bring what we have.

Clothing for short and chubby women, the best firms

First of all, we will tell you that it is much easier to find large collections. In this way, a large part of the stores that we all know have garments of this type. One of them is Mango who has the option of going into ‘Violeta’ and that we are going to love. Although the truth is that Kiabi also has perfect options and at slightly lower prices. As with H&M or C&A, among many others. Online stores like Asos also have very modern and elegant options. So, it does not hurt to take a look and then, to the tricks we leave you to combine everything perfectly.

Monochromatic looks to stylize

At the same time they stylize it is also true that we will look a little taller. So, we will look for a single color to accompany both the upper and lower garments. It does not have to be so boring, since there are many shades that we will find. Of course, the basic black color, or the always elegant neutral tones can be our best options. If you are going to wear a slightly short dress, then opt for stockings and shoes of the same color. The most common is that both are black. Because in this way, it will give us the feeling of longer legs.

Long and non-ankle pants

It is best to opt for long pants and not those that expose our ankles. More than anything because we want to continue lengthening the silhouette. For what we use the ankle braces will continue to shorten. So, long and straight are the best option. Similarly, those who have elephant legs or flared are not advised.

Crossed necklines

It will always be perfect for you because it favors a lot. For both blouses and dresses with a wraparound effect, this type of crossed neckline is always your best ally. It will hide the part of the chest and is as sensual as it is modern. If you choose a dress, try not to be midi, the best is a little shorter, because of the height of the knee.

What skirts do I choose?

Pencil style skirts can go very well, but without a doubt, those with a slight evasion are always your great allies. Of course, remember that it is not good to add a lot of volume in this area. Forget if it has large flyers or pockets because they will make us look wider. So, skirts with soft fall and very simple prints are the ones we recommend. In addition, you can opt for those of asymmetric cut, those that have a part longer than another and high waist, always.

Forget about very loose clothes

It is true that when we have a few extra pounds, we tend to hide them with very loose clothes. No, you have to select the one that goes with you, with your size. Forget about too loose clothes because they will have the opposite effect. That is, they tend to make us even wider, which consequently we will see even shorter. So, clothing for short and chubby women gives us the option to choose numerous clothes and adapt them to our style. Remember that the middle ground is always the best way to go.