Since its invention to date, leather jackets have been and will be a fashion icon.  Fortunately, its worst against using the skin of innocent animals has been eradicated;  Now the leatherette is used, which is made of artificial material, with the same appearance as leather.  Come and buy one But now!  You can use it everywhere, even in the office, don't you believe me?  Check out the following looks.

 An outfit all black with a leather jacket of a different color.  Dark clothes are serious and elegant, the jacket will be a plus to make your look more dynamic ... you can even wear an all black with a white leather jacket.  Thus we contrast both colors, without losing a single drop of the glamor we need.

 A jumper fancy, which you would take to a wedding, with a leather jacket will look in perfect balance to take you to a casual / formal place like the office.  A maxi skirt is boho like your jacket, to counteract, try to make your look wear a more demure blouse and heels;  You can even add chic accessories such as glasses or belt.  

Black and white look.  Both colors are classified as the most distinguished and classy, ​​thanks to their minimalism;  together they will make a dynamite set.  

The classic midi skirt that the Godinez adore, you will finally know the casual Fridays, you just have to add your classic jacket And that's it!  A brown leatherette leather will be perfect for your white, black and jeans office looks.  

If you think it is fun, use a bag or ankle boots of its color to go to safety.  A maxivestido, that does not seem very casual, are your jacket will make you the new office icon.  Depending on your shoes, heels or tennis, you will give more or less formality.  

The leather jackets in nude tone have become a trend that will not end soon.  Use it with your most chic and stylish looks, like that all white you love so much