How to choose dress to show off pregnancy

Wearing the latest trends and going comfortable are the keys when it comes to maternity styling today. For this reason, when choosing the right clothes when we are pregnant, the following criteria are important:

 1. Maintain and respect the style of women.

2. Choose the most appropriate cut at each stage of pregnancy in order to provide comfort and comfort in each movement, without compressing.

3. Find the cut that best suits our style, not forgetting the combination "comfort and practicality."

 In this post we will talk about the importance of choosing an appropriate day-to-day dress that suits your tastes and makes you feel radiant.

 The maternity dress

 The dress has to beautify and provide comfort to the pregnant woman. Brands like Hatch, Zara, or Gap have reinvented the Maternity dress, and have made it an essential piece in a modern mom's closet. To choose the perfect dress we must take into account two aspects: linearity and volume.

 If we seek to stylize the silhouette and neutralize the roundness of the pregnant woman's body, we must choose dresses with vertical or broken lines that break with the sinuousness of the belly. Rigid and structured fabrics help us achieve this effect.

 If on the contrary we want to show off pregnancy, we must opt ​​for elastic and tight dresses that give prominence to the figure. The fabrics must be elastic or silky and fall, so we will get an elegant and very comfortable look.